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AI to assist eTukTuk’s charging station deployment in Colombo

Urban mobility in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is undergoing a significant transformation due to eTukTuk’s innovative approach. The company has garnered attention in the industry by introducing electric tuk-tuks as eco-friendly transportation options. Among these initiatives, eTukTuk (TUK) stands out as a promising player, having made substantial advancements internally and through collaborations with external partners. Enthusiastic community members are excited about the recent unveiling of new features and concepts.

What exactly is eTukTuk?

Known for their small size, Tuk-Tuks are ideal for navigating through crowded streets, and they are a common form of transportation in many cities in Asia. Unfortunately, the fossil fuels that conventional tuk-tuks frequently run on add pollution, such as air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. eTukTuk is taking direct action in response to the pressing demand for environmentally friendly travel solutions.

Because they run on renewable energy, like electricity, eTukTuk’s electric tuk-tuks are a great option for people who care about the environment. In addition to being economical and environmentally beneficial, these electric tuk-tuks provide the residents of Colombo with dependable and reasonably priced transportation options. The placement of charging stations becomes essential to guarantee smooth operations as eTukTuk’s fleet continues to grow.

How will AI help eTukTuk’s charging station deployment?

AI can greatly help in deploying eTukTuk’s charging stations, finding the best places for charging stations, and examining data on user demand, traffic patterns, and geographic characteristics.

eTukTuk can guarantee that their vehicles are conveniently available to clients by strategically locating charging stations, which will decrease downtime and increase operational efficiency.

Furthermore, AI can predict maintenance, which is the real-time monitoring of charging station conditions. AI algorithms can forecast when maintenance is required by evaluating sensor data and the past performance of the vehicle. This enables eTukTuk to solve problems proactively and reduce service interruptions.

AI can also optimize charging station prices according to time and demand per day and optimize earnings while promoting off-peak charging, which can reduce the load on the grid during peak times. To avoid grid overload, it may divide the charging burden across many stations. This reduces the possibility of brownouts or blackouts by ensuring a consistent and effective power supply.

eTukTuk’s Future Mission Toward Zero Emission

The goal of eTukTuk goes beyond offering a substitute for other forms of transportation. Their dedication lies in cutting down on carbon emissions and battling the consequences of climate change, both in Colombo and other places. eTukTuk aims for a zero-emission future by implementing electric tuk-tuks and investing in green energy solutions.

Switching to electric vehicles from conventional tuk-tuks results in a large reduction in carbon emissions. It also focuses on providing a network for effective and environment-friendly charging stations, and on doing that, eTukTuk is looking at using renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

To increase public knowledge of the advantages of electric mobility and the significance of switching to zero-emission vehicles, eTukTuk is actively involved in the local community.

eTukTuk’s Mission attracts many to $TUK presale

Investors and citizens have taken notice of eTukTuk’s purpose and creative approach to sustainable transportation. Because it offers a chance to back a business that is actually improving environmental sustainability, the $TUK presale has attracted a lot of attention.

Due to the possibility of both financial gains and beneficial social and environmental effects, investors are eager to join eTukTuk on its journey. Long-term success is demonstrated by the company’s strong commitment to zero emissions and its use of AI to address charging infrastructure difficulties.


Using electric tuk-tuks and AI-driven charging infrastructure, eTukTuk’s novel approach to urban transportation in Colombo draws interest and investment and offers a sustainable alternative.

AI is essential to eTukTuk’s goal of zero emissions, as demonstrated by the integration of clean energy cars, strategically placed charging stations, predictive maintenance, dynamic pricing, and energy management. It also helps people to have a cleaner urban future, clearly responding well to eTukTuk’s vision and creative approach to eco-friendly mobility, as seen by the growing popularity of the $TUK presale.

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