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As Predicted, $SOL is Giving Up Its Gains – These 3 Coins Will Pump Next ($GFOX, $ADA, $OKB)

Solana ($SOL) has dominated the crypto market over the last two months. The altcoin gained more than 250%, pushing its price as high as $67.8.

However, some analysts predicted that the rally happened too quickly, creating room for a massive retracement. Surely as was predicted, $SOL has given up a sizable portion of its gains, with the price of the altcoin retracing back to the $54 region.

With the slowdown in $SOL, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), Cardano ($ADA), and OKB ($OKB) have emerged as the top altcoins gearing up for major gains. Here’s why these are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now.


Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Prepares for 100x Price Surge

Analysts have identified dark horse cryptos from previous bull markets as those entering new markets. This is the reason why there have been growing bullish sentiments about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). The project has created its own niche in crypto, seamlessly merging blockchain play-to-earn (P2E) with meme coins.

The ecosystem is staged in a virtual world where foxes journey through the galaxies to conquer worlds. Each world offers new conquests and challenges. Players will run through these worlds to rank higher on the intergalactic fox leaderboard.

I’m addition, the project offers holders numerous ways to make money through its exciting ecosystem. The top 20% of gamers in the ecosystem are consistently rewarded. Rewards range from digital assets to NFTs and $GFOX tokens. In addition, staking and holding the $GFOX token qualifiers users for more rewards.

Analysts have predicted that $GFOX will emerge as one of the best ICO because of its uniqueness. The project has also launched its beta crypto presale, sparking more excitement among investors. At a starting price of just $0.00066 per token, $GFOX is the best cheap crypto to buy right now.


Analysts Have Predicted a Parabolic Rise for Cardano ($ADA)

The gains of Cardano ($ADA) have been unimpressive in 2023. Year-to-date, the Cardano coin has increased by only 50%, smaller than the crypto market. Despite this, Dan Gambardello – the Founder of Crypto Capital Venture – has argued that $ADA is in the pre-bull run phase. And on the technicals chart, the $ADA has just flashed a majorly bullish sign of a “golden cross.”

Gambardello has predicted that the price of Cardano will explode months after the Bitcoin halving. Based on his prediction, the Cardano price will set a new all-time high of $11 by 2025. He also predicted that Cardabo’s market cap will grow to $400 billion. This makes $ADA one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now.

OKX Expansion Fuels the OKB ($OKB) Price Surge

Similar to $GFOX, OKX created $OKB to be the utility token of its crypto exchange. It is also based on the ERC-20 coin standard of Ethereum. The $OKB token has recorded a recent surge in interest amidst the growth of its parent OKX exchange.

OKB recently became the first centralized exchange to apply for a Hong Kong VATP license. In addition, OKX collaborated with Tether and the U.S. Department of Justice for a noble course. As OKX competes with Binance for the most dominant CEX, the price of OKB has been projected to explode in 2024. Former BitMex Exchange CEO and respected crypto expert Arthur Hayes has said the $OKB token is one of his biggest investments of 2023 as he believes the exchange is both undervalued and unique in its advanced trading functions. Hayes accurately called the $BTC bottom and started investing heavily into both $BTC and alts back in February 2023, so his advice rightly carries some weight with investors.

Final Thoughts

The retracement of Solana has introduced Galaxy Fox, Cardano, and OKB as long-term investment options. While they are among the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now, $GFOX has shown much upside potential.

From its next-gen gaming ecosystem to its earning potential, Galaxy Fox has gained massive attention in the P2E space. Billed as the next big thing in blockchain gaming, now is the best time to invest in Galaxy Fox.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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