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Best Cryptocurrencies for High ROI: Filecoin, Borroe Finance, Dogecoin, and SingularityNET

If you are looking for the best cryptos to invest in for high ROI in 2024, experts recommend Filecoin (FIL), Dogecoin (DOGE), SingularityNET (AGIX), and Borroe Finance ($ROE). AGIX and $ROE will likely record massive market adoption as AI tokens in 2024. Similarly, Filecoin and Dogecoin are actively working to expand their ecosystem. Keep reading to see what experts think about their tokens.


Filecoin Records New Ecosystem Partnership

On March 8, Bitcoin Virtual Machine (a modular blockchain metaprotocol) integrated Filecoin as its storage layer. According to web3 experts, BVM’s partnership with Filecoin will improve the security and scalability of Bitcoin Layer-2 data solutions.

As a result of Filecoin’s ecosystem expansion, FIL recorded a price surge in early March. On March 4, FIL traded at $9.97. Seven days later, FIL gained 10.78% and traded for $11.09. As one of the top altcoins in the industry, experts predict that FIL will likely surge and trade for $15.50 in April due to the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

Borroe Finance: Bridging the Funding Gap in the Web3 Industry

Banks and investment groups rarely loan web3 businesses money because of the industry’s volatile nature. As a result, web3 participants have to source funds from innovative platforms like Borroe Finance. Borroe Finance allows web3 content creators to raise cash by selling future subscriptions at a discount.

$ROE’s fourth presale stage is ongoing, and the token is selling for $0.019. At the end of all presale stages, $ROE will sell for $0.040 on the best crypto exchanges and deliver a 110.5% ROI to early investors. Furthermore, experts say $ROE will likely enjoy speedy market acceptance and trade for $0.190 later this year.


DOGE Ranges Amid Crypto Bull Run

Dogecoin became popular in 2021 thanks to the famous Elon Musk Influence. Since then, Dogecoin has experienced steady growth, and the meme coin released its updated version, 1.14.7, on GitHub on February 28. Additionally, blockchain developers have encouraged GUI wallet (QT Binaries) users to upgrade as soon as possible.

Despite this ecosystem progress, DOGE ranged in the first week of March. On March 4, DOGE traded for $0.1749. Seven days later, DOGE gained a meager 0.20% and traded for $0.1754. Community-driven meme coins like WIF and PEPE are taking the spotlight this year. As a result, analysts believe DOGE will surge and trade for $0.1990 by June.

AGIX Surges in Early March

AI projects are the new attraction in the blockchain industry, and SingularityNET has concrete plans for this new ecosystem. On February 28, SingularityNET released its 2024 Decentralized AI Platform Strategy Roadmap, and this roadmap shows that SingularityNET will focus on the internet of knowledge, scalability, integrations, adoption, and usability this year.

Thanks to growing trust in the SingularityNET project, AGIX recorded a double-digit price surge in early March. On March 4, AGIX traded for $0.8694. A week later, AGIX gained 42.38% and sold for $1.2450. According to analysts, AGIX will likely sustain its bullish trajectory and trade for $1.9550 in 2024 due to increased market interest in AI tokens.

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