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Bitcoin Blasts Towards $50K as This New Presale Eyes $500K

Bitcoin ($BTC) has reminded the world how fast it can move when it wants to. Days of vertical price action see $BTC blasting towards $50,000, and any investor serious about making this cycle is searching for the top crypto to buy now.

Liquidity surging into Bitcoin naturally means an impending rotation into altcoins. After mid-caps start to fly, it will be time for microcaps to rally. The Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) presale has seen aggressive participation, and speculation rests that seasoned traders are frontrunning alt season. As this new presale eyes $500,000 many expect it to become the top crypto to buy in 2023.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Unprecedented Growth

Already building an unbelievable amount of momentum, Galaxy Fox is undoubtedly one of the year’s hottest ICOs. Generating a buzz not seen since the ICO mania of 2017 and already delivering a staggering 30% price surge to early investors. How much further can this play-to-earn token go?

Galaxy Fox introduces a Web3 twist on a classic runner game, allowing the top 20% of players to earn rewards they can exchange for $GFOX tokens at the end of each season. In addition, $GFOX has introduced an entire ecosystem around the P2E model.

Staking rewards for $GFOX holders equals straightforward passive income. Deflationary tokenomics means $GFOX owners accrue value around the clock. And the NFT marketplace allows the flipping of digital assets.

Built as an all-in-one bonanza, Galaxy Fox lets users earn, compete, and enjoy this cosmic ecosystem. It introduces buy and sell taxes to power two powerful mechanisms. The first is a user acquisition flywheel. The Treasury receives 2% of all transactions and revenue from real-world merchandise using this constant funding stream to support marketing efforts.

The second is the ability to earn native yield on a deflationary asset. Taxation paying staking rewards removes the need for inflationary token issuance. This divergence from the typical altcoin model is why $GFOX is a top crypto to buy now.

Breezing through its second presale stage following incredible success in the initial, it deserves its titles as one of the year’s hottest ICOs and a top crypto to invest in.

Bitcoin ($BTC) Rally Laying Foundations For Altcoin Season

Bitcoin is an excellent crypto for beginners wading into the space, and the space’s oldest asset as well as the most capitalized. Larry Fink spoke of the ‘Flight to Quality’ and Bitcoin ownership, once associated with risk, has become an excellent way to hedge risk.

Underexposed investors miss out on huge upside, and as the digital era’s answer to gold continues surging upwards, it sets the stage perfectly for an explosive altcoin season. As capital chases $BTC ownership, early holders rotate profits into altcoins and then retail chases. The result is that small caps go parabolic.

Closing Thoughts: Get Ahead of the Rally

Participating in the Galaxy Fox presale is an excellent way to get ahead of the incoming altcoin season. Especially considering $GFOX still has a sub-one million market cap, allowing this token to print enormous multiples.

The P2E sector found its feet but never truly flourished in the last cycle. In that environment, play-to-earn projects reached multi-billion dollar valuations. Imagine what Galaxy Fox can do now that GameFi is fully in vogue. A top crypto to buy now and an opportunity that investors do not want to miss.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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