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BorroeFinance, Celestia, Arbitrum: What’s Drawing Major Investors to These Coins?

Investors are leaning towards BorroeFinance ($ROE) as the new DeFi project gears up for a rally. Also, developments surrounding Celestia (TIA) and Arbitrum (ARB) saw the top altcoins register modest gains.

What’s attracting institutional investors to these top crypto coins? Let’s find out!


BorroeFinance Set To Enter The Next Presale Stage

BorroeFinance ($ROE) is a marketplace for content creators and Web3 users to earn cash from sales of future earnings. Future earnings are sourced from royalties, subscriptions, and invoices and are tradable on the BorroeFinance market as non-fungible tokens.

The platform leverages artificial intelligence technology, which plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of users during usage.

BorroeFinance adheres to the principles of Web3 in terms of equal value distribution among users. Where traditional finance proves inefficient, BorroeFinance creates a sufficient system through its advanced capabilities. By using blockchain technology, BorroeFinance is ushering in decentralization to its network.

$ROE serves as the native cryptocurrency of BorroeFinance, facilitating activities on the platform. $ROE is a deflationary token developed on the Polygon chain with the potential to increase in value. The top ICO coin has become very attractive to major players in the crypto landscape due to its impressive presale journey.

BorroeFinance is in the second stage of its public presale, with $ROE trading at $0.015. Investors at the Beta presale stage have amassed 50% profit from the surge between the Beta and Second stages when $ROE rose from $0.01 to $0.015. From here, $ROE is preparing for another rally to $0.0175 and much more.


Analyst Says It Is The Right Time to Invest In Celestia

Celestia (TIA) experienced a recent parabolic surge fueled by favorable sentiment. In particular, a renowned crypto user, Altcoin Sherpa, shared his opinion of Celestia (TIA) via the X platform on November 2. The crypto analyst asserted that Celestia (TIA) would perform excellently.

He outlined certain factors to support his proposition. First among them is the recent listing of Celestia on the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. He also noted other factors, including the low supply of Celestia and its innovative solutions.

Other crypto analysts also echoed a similar bias of TIA, with Crypto Talk, a popular crypto user, predicting $40 for TIA in the coming year. Celestia is trading at $4.81, having risen from $2.30 to $4.61 between November 6 and November 12. This rally saw TIA up its value by 100%.

To attain the predicted $40 level, TIA requires a 767.67% surge from the current price. This projection makes TIA one of the best cryptocurrency investments for long-term gains.

Whale Wallet Completes Massive Arbitrum Transactions

Market intelligence spotlighted recent whale activity on the Arbitrum network. Specifically, a whale wallet identified as 0x71b initiated a substantial transfer of Arbitrum (ARB) tokens to Binance on November 13. Notably, the whale moved 1.46 million ARB tokens, equivalent to $2.66 million, to the most prominent digital asset custodial.

The latest Arbitrum deposit on Binance marks the second transfer by the whale wallet this year. Late in August, the same investor received 428,723 ARB tokens in his Binance account, having incurred a considerable loss from the trade.

For context, the address bought the same amount of ARB tokens for $549,000 on July 12 and sold off at $412,000 on August 27, after the price dipped from $1.28 to $0.96.

Meanwhile, Arbitrum gained 6.07% between November 6 and November 13, rising from $1.09 to $1.15. Experts believe Arbitrum will continue trailing higher as the general market continues its ongoing rally. They predict ARB will reach $1.20 in the coming days, indicating an anticipated 4.34% rally.

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