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Breaking Down Bitcoin ETFs’ Early Trading Days; a New Render Challenger Emerges

The entire crypto community has been on the edge for years, in anticipation of the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US. After a decade-long wait—a journey that started in 2013—the SEC decision on Bitcoin ETFs on January 10, 2024, sent ripples of excitement around the crypto landscape and the wider financial scene.

The launch of the Bitcoin ETF market and the ETF impact on crypto prices have been noticeable. The early trading days have seen major inflows, with Bitcoin ETFs now trading closely with gold.

At the same time, a new Render (RNDR) challenger has emerged in InQubeta (QUBE). Inspired by AI and aiming to reshape the industry, InQubeta has been the talk of the crypto community, tipped as one of the best cryptos to buy now.

InQubeta (QUBE): A New Render Challenger

If you are a fan of the convergence of AI and crypto, InQubeta (QUBE) is a new player you don’t want to miss out on. It has been tipped as a new Render competitor. Render is a distributed GPU rendering on the blockchain that aims to advance the next generation of rendering and AI technology.

InQubeta is an AI altcoin that aims to reshape the fast-rising AI sector with blockchain technology and the crypto economy. The two areas it intends to focus on are accessibility and fundraising, which will be a game-changer. To address these issues, it will build the first crowdfunding platform that will allow tech startups to raise funds through crypto and an NFT marketplace.

Fundraising exercises will be seamless thanks to InQubeta. AI tech startups will be able to source funds by minting investment opportunities as equity-based NFTs on the marketplace. That won’t be all. By introducing a fractional investment model, these equity-based NFTs will be divided into bits. The most obvious significance of this is that investors can become early backers of cutting-edge AI ventures regardless of their income.

In the seventh stage of the presale, a staggering $8.6 million has been raised. At its current stage, a token costs only $0.0224, with the top ICO tipped as the best new crypto to invest in, boasting the potential to surpass Render. According to experts, it will experience a 6,500% rally after its launch, making it a very bullish narrative.

Bitcoin (BTC) Spot ETF: Early Trading Days

The approval of the first spot Bitcoin ETFs on January 10 sent ripples of excitement across the crypto landscape. It was felt in the wider financial landscape as well, introducing the burgeoning crypto market to Wall Street. This historic development further integrates crypto into everyday finance, representing a significant stride toward mainstream acceptance and adoption.

Following the approval of 11 spot Bitcoin applications from asset managers by the US SEC, trading started a day later. On its first day of trading, volume soared past $1.74 billion in just the first hour—a truly remarkable feat. The first day of trading saw it gallop past $4.5 billion in trading volume, sparking a joy ride in the price of BTC, which briefly surged past $48,000.

In the week following the launch of the Bitcoin ETF market, BTC surpassed silver to become the second-largest ETF commodity in the US—a significant milestone. The rivalry is now Bitcoin ETF vs. gold, the two most popular ETF commodities.

The Bitcoin ETF market, which is still in its infancy, has staggering growth potential. With a lot to look forward to, BTC is well-positioned as one of the best coins to invest in.


The Bitcoin ETFs’ early trading days have been nothing short of impressive. With substantial room for growth, experts predict it will outpace gold. Meanwhile, InQubeta, a new AI crypto, has been tipped to flip Render. If you wish to become an early holder, click the link below.

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