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$BTC Sender Pays $3.1 Million in Single Transaction Fee. Are Memecoins a Better Solution?

Something pretty wild just happened in the world of cryptocurrencies. A jaw-dropping $3.1 million was dropped as a transaction fee for a single Bitcoin transfer. Antpool, the Bitcoin miner, mined a block and basically set a new record. It’s like the crypto community just got hit with shockwaves.

Meanwhile, on the flip side, memecoins like Galaxy Fox are making waves as potential alternatives. They’re gaining momentum as good crypto to buy and giving us a breather from those crazy high fees. It’s like they’re bringing in a whole new vibe to the crypto scene.

$BTC Sender Pays $3.1 Million in Single Transaction Fee

A jaw-dropping $3.1 million went into a single Bitcoin ($BTC) transfer as a transaction fee. Yup, you heard it right – $3.1 million! Antpool, the Bitcoin miner, hit the jackpot when they mined a block, scoring a mind-boggling 85.2163 $BTC in transaction fees. This record-setting transaction went down in block 818087 and now holds the crown for the biggest transaction fee in Bitcoin’s 14-year history.

But here’s the twist: the sender’s wallet was like a secret agent, popping up just minutes before this mega transfer. Sadly, the recipient only got a fraction of the original 139.42 $BTC, ending up with 55.78 $BTC. Now, the big question is, was this an expensive oopsie or a masterstroke by someone swimming in cash?

Bitcoin buffs are used to high transaction fees, but this colossal amount has the community buzzing. Especially since Bitcoin fees are on the rise, thanks to all the action around Bitcoin-based NFT projects known as Ordinals. Still, many see this as more of a one-off blunder than a sign of a larger market trend.

As the crypto crew ponders the implications of this eye-watering fee, there’s talk of a possible alternative solution emerging on the horizon – memecoins. Interesting times in the crypto world, right?

Introducing The Rising Memecoin, Galaxy Fox

Meet Galaxy Fox, or as the cool kids call it, $GFOX. This gaming platform isn’t just your run-of-the-mill play-to-earn (P2E) experience. It’s a good crypto to buy right now – a breath of fresh air in the crypto world, promising a good time without the wallet-draining transaction fees.

Built on the blockchain, Galaxy Fox brings fairness and transparency to the gaming scene. But it’s not just about playing games; it’s about making some moolah too. Stake your tokens, mint NFTs, dive into burn tokenomics – there’s a whole galaxy of earning opportunities. And at the heart of it is $GFOX, the lifeline of this cosmic playground, fueling rewards, staking, NFT buys, and more.

Why’s everyone buzzing about $GFOX? Well, it’s not your average crypto. This project is shaking things up in gaming and crypto at large, making it a hotspot for investors looking to ride a unique wave.

With only 5 billion $GFOX in existence, it’s like the hottest ticket in town. People are calling this best upcoming ICO the best bang for your buck in the crypto world. The team even has the security front covered, doing token audits with Crypto Hub, a big name in the auditing game. That’s a sigh of relief for investors worried about the dreaded rug pull.

$GFOX is the best cheap crypto to buy right now because of its potential to skyrocket. To give you an idea of how much buzz it’s generating in such a short period, just recently, Galaxy Fox has reached a major milestone of $300K! This is an impressive feat, especially because the token is still in its presale stage and thus, being sold below its initial value. This makes $GFOX a very good crypto to buy today.


As you venture through the intricate realm of cryptocurrencies, it might be worth checking out what projects like Galaxy Fox have to offer. Ever thought about diving into the Galaxy Fox universe? Well, their ongoing presale is your golden ticket to being part of a gaming revolution.

For more details and to hop on the bandwagon,check out the Galaxy Fox website today. And don’t forget to join their Telegram community for the latest updates.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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