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Can Pepe coin (PEPE) Sustain Its Recent Price Surge or Time to Diversify into Projects like Pikamoon?

Pepe coin (PEPE) is once again in the news, but this time it’s as a result of the recent price action that has left investors in profit.

After months of downtrend following bad actors from the team side exploiting the project of $15 million, PEPE price is finally up by 70% in 7 days. With this pump, investors who missed out are already asking the question whether it’s time to cope with PEPE or hope with other promising projects like Pikamoon (PIKA).

Here’s the experts’ opinion on this.

Experts’ Opinion on Pepe coin (PEPE): Time to Cope or Hope?

It’s no news that the crypto winter has left a dent on the crypto market for a while, well until a few days ago when the rumors of Bitcoin Spot ETF approval hit the market triggering a Bitcoin Spot ETF-Induced bull market.

All tokens were printing greens with PEPE not left out of the ride. The Pepe coin (PEPE) team took advantage of the pump to announce the burning of over $5.5 million worth of PEPE. This triggered an upward swing of over 30% in 24 hours, sending the price of PEPE to a two month high.

The burning of PEPE tokens not only impacted the PEPE price but also reduced the amount of team holdings to 3.79 trillion PEPE ($3.7 Million).

The effect of the burning didn’t last long as most investors took profits which led to a downward swing in the price of PEPE. Over the last 24 hours, PEPE price fell by over 6%.

Experts’ opinion on PEPE’s current situation is that investors are still scared of betting on a project that was once a subject of exploitation by no other than team members. That event hit like a dagger and its effect won’t go away any time soon.

The only way for PEPE to regain investors’ trust is to hold those responsible accountable and recover stolen funds.


Time to Hope With Pikamoon

Pikamoon unveils the Pikaverse, an immersive play-to-earn metaverse where players can explore a multitude of regions, gather and trade NFTs, partake in thrilling battles and get rewarded with PIKA tokens.

But there’s even more to it: by holding PIKA, the native token fueling the Pikamoon ecosystem, players unlock exclusive benefits. One standout perk is the ability to mint a coveted PIKA NFT, a prized possession within Pikaverse.

These distinctive features set Pikamoon apart from other meme coins, making it an attractive long-term investment option with promising growth potential.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Pikamoon

In the era where rugpulls, hacking, and exploitation is ravaging the crypto ecosystem, Pikamoon comes as a shining light to reignite hope back into the crypto community.

Here’s why you should invest in Pikamoon

  • A Thriving Community of Crypto Enthusiasts and Gamers

Pikamoon boasts a vibrant and diverse community, comprising both crypto investors and gamers. This unique synergy leads to valuable feedback, enhancing project development and gameplay engagement. The community’s active involvement and pride further solidify the project’s bond, creating a more successful and rewarding experience for all participants.

  • A Commitment to Transparency and Security

Investing in Pikamoon provides the assurance of a fully audited token contract, a rarity in the Meme coin space. Leading auditing firms in the crypto industry, Coinsult and SharkTeam, have conducted thorough examinations of Pikamoon’s token contract, ensuring the highest level of security and safety for investors.

Moreover, Pikamoon’s team is fully doxxed, with their profiles readily available on the official website.

By subjecting their token contract to these comprehensive audits, Pikamoon has proactively addressed potential risks, offering a secure and reliable investment opportunity.

How to invest in Pikamoon? Check Below

Pikamoon Presale

The limelight is currently on Pikamoon presale as it offers investors an opportunity to get in early at a discounted price of just $0.0006.

You too can be part of the early birds and position yourself for extraordinary gain that awaits by investing in Pikamoon now.

Find out more about Pikamoon (PIKA):

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