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Cardano Witnesses Massive Whale Transactions; Solana and InQubeta at Forefront of Altcoin Rally

Significant whale activity has been observed on-chain for Cardano, with transactions in hefty amounts. Meanwhile, two top altcoins, Solana (SOL) and InQubeta (QUBE) are leading the altcoin rally with an impressive run. Let’s unravel the story behind these developments.

Cardano’s Surge in Whale Transactions

Cardano, the eighth-best cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has recently witnessed a remarkable increase in large transaction volumes. According to IntoTheBlock, Cardano’s daily large transaction volume reached a staggering 27.59 billion ADA, showing a substantial uptick from the previous day’s 26.9 billion ADA. This heightened activity, primarily driven by whales or large investors, hints at a potential positive trend for Cardano, especially if the broader market achieves stability. Despite a general slowdown in market sentiment following the SEC decision on Bitcoin ETFs, ADA’s movement mirrors the overall market trend, capturing the attention of investors and analysts alike.

Solana’s Continued Market Dominance

In the midst of these shifts, Solana maintains its position at the forefront of the altcoin rally. Known for its high-speed blockchain and efficiency, Solana continues to attract a wide range of investors and developers. Its ability to support diverse decentralized applications (dApps) and its commitment to scalability and innovation make it a strong contender in the blockchain space. Furthermore, with the growing presale orders of its Saga Phone, it is bound to find an inflection point for further upside.

InQubeta (QUBE): Demystifying Investments in AI ventures

In the midst of all the action with Cardano and Solana, InQubeta steps onto the scene as a major player in the altcoin frenzy, with big dreams and innovative ideas in mind. InQubeta’s journey began with a clear vision: to make investing in AI startups accessible to everyone, breaking away from the usual exclusive club of investors. They did it through their QUBE tokens, which opened up the world of fractional investments in AI startups, making opportunities more accessible than ever.

If you are an AI company, InQubeta allows you to sell the equity of your venture in the form of popular NFTs, which are fractionalized. Those who hold QUBE tokens have the advantage of owning a fraction of these shares. Both the parties benefit according to this mechanism. Furthermore, the deflationary ERC20 coin rewards those who hold it for the long term, with incentives in the form of staking.

Talking about the ongoing presale, InQubeta is looking strong to raise funds of $10 million before the launch. There are plans to launch an NFT marketplace and a DAO platform, while also extending InQubeta to different blockchains. The smart contract has already been audited by Hacken, which has further strengthened investor confidence.  It will be interesting to watch as QUBE emerges as one of top crypto coins in 2024.


The crypto scene is always buzzing with activity, from Cardano’s whale transactions to Solana’s unwavering leadership, and InQubeta’s remarkable growth story. As the crypto market keeps evolving, platforms like InQubeta do more than just complement established giants like Cardano and Solana. They chart their own course, unlocking fresh opportunities and actively shaping the future of technology and investment in the digital era. This dynamic landscape paints a picture of endless possibilities, where innovation knows no bounds.

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