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Chimpzee Raises Staking Reward to 40% APY As Over 2.8 Billion $CHMPZ Tokens Already Staked.

The wholesome Chimpzee ecosystem recently announced that it increased its staking rewards to 40% APY as over 2.8 Billion tokens flooded the staking contract.

The project underwent its inaugural exchange listing on P2B and is working to expedite an even bigger listing on BitMart shortly.

With the toke officially live, Chimpzee is now ready to continue its mission to help fight climate change and save animals from going extinct while helping $CHMPZ holders earn a passive income.

Chimpzee Goes Live As Web’3 Most Wholesome Crypto Set for BitMart Listing Next

Chimpzee officially went live last week as Web3’s most wholesome cryptocurrency showcases its market to the world.

The entire idea behind Chimpzee is to provide a method for $CHMPZ holders to earn a passive income while making positive contributions to the world by saving animals and preventing deforestation.

The wholesome nature of the project attracted a flurry of investment, raising an impressive $2.7 million in the process.

The project offers three ways to earn a passive income: shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn.

With the token officially launched, the team is working hard to bring the ecosystem to life, starting with its NFT Passports.

The NFT Passports are essential to earning the most passive income in the ecosystem, and the Diamond DNFT Passive income provides the highest returns.

Those holding one of the Passports are entitled to some of the following benefits:

  • Higher $CHMPZ rewards and an exclusive discount in the Chimp Shop.
  • An increased cut of the trading fees generated on the NFT Marketplace.
  • A discount on the NFT Marketplace fees.
  • Discounted advertising on the platform.
  • Higher rewards in the Zero Tolerance play-to-earn game
  • A staking reward for those staking the NFT Passport
  • VIP access to events, airdrops, and special promotions in the ecosystem.

The team recently unveiled the beautiful designs behind the NFTs, showing that they’re on the way;


Chimpzee Team Raises Staking APY to 40% As 1 Billion Tokens Flood Staking Contract.

Chimpzee also recently unveiled its brand-new staking program to provide another avenue to earn more $CHMPZ returns to increase the passive income in the ecosystem.

$CHMPZ holders can now stake their $CHMPZ tokens in the staking contract to earn up to a 40% APY.


The more $CHMPZ staked, the more they earn. The following table breaks down how much can be earned;

Furthermore, those who own an NFT Passport can also stake the NFT and earn an impressive 50% APY.

Buckle Up: 2024 Donations About to Get Started

The best thing about the Chimpzee project is that it’s completely true to its word in helping make the world a better place.

During its presale in 2023, Chimpzee went on a flurry of making financial contributions to organizations helping make a difference in the world.

Each time the presale hit a specific milestone, the team would make a magnificent contribution to charity.

The contributions covered a wide range of projects, including planting over 25,000 trees, saving elephants and jaguars, and neutering cats and dogs in war-torn countries.

Most importantly, all donations are entirely verifiable for onlookers through on-chain analysis or the charities’ official social media accounts.

The following list breaks down all of the donations made so far by Chimpzee:

  • $15,000 to WILD Foundation to help rangers protect the last herd of desert-adapted elephants.
  • $20,000 to WILD Foundation to help protect the final few black jaguars in the Brazilian Rainforest.
  • Over 21,000 trees were planted through One Tree Planted in the South American Rainforest.
  • A donation to Forgotten Animals to neuter 240 cats and 180 dogs in war-torn Ukraine.
  • A donation to Rainforest Rescue to protect 1,000 meters of the Australian Rainforest.
  • A donation to WeForest to plant 5,000 trees in Tanzania.

A complete list of the donations can be found on the project’s website.

This is just the start. With the platform officially going live, Chimpzee will continue accumulating funds to donate to charities that are helping prevent climate change and save animals.

Tier-1 Listing Incoming: BitMart Listing Expedited

With $CHMPZ officially trading on it first exchange, the team is now focused on expanding access to more users by getting added to higher-profile exchanges.

The team recently announced that they are expediting the BitMart listing after getting listed on P2B.;


With BitMart on the way, we can expect bullish price action building over the coming weeks.

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