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Cyber Attack Strikes NEAR’s Aurora Protocol; Arbitrum and InQubeta Brace for Substantial Gains

The cyber attack on NEAR’s Aurora protocol was a rude shock for crypto users globally.  The EVM-based scaling solution ended up paying a $6 million bounty to white hat hackers who found the security concerns.

In other news, analysts’ recent predictions for InQubeta (QUBE) and Arbitrum (ARB) say the two tokens are set for substantial gains in the coming months.

While Arbitrum is a developer-centric network for creating dApps, InQubeta is a platform for crowdfunding. It caters to the needs of startups leveraging artificial intelligence for their innovations. It has won over DeFi experts with a unique model.

It is built on Ethereum which adds to its efficiency and security.  It was released earlier this year but it’s already ranking high on best cryptocurrency ICO lists. Its presale funding recently crossed $7.6 million.

InQubeta: Creating world-class AI startups

InQubeta’s launch comes at a time when AI is creating a sensation globally. By leveraging the technology, startups are fuelling an AI-led movement that can transform the future.

For investors, it is a promising opportunity to beat the competition and earn long-term returns. With InQubeta, any crypto user can achieve all this with a budget-friendly investment model.

The crypto project has released an ERC-20 cryptocurrency called the QUBE token which is used for all payments. The QUBE token also determines rewards for activities like staking.

Under staking, tokens are locked to push network growth, and their owners are rewarded throughout the period. Holders can withdraw their tokens any time they want. It is a good option to earn passive income without losing ownership of the asset.

A notable feature of InQubeta is its token’s deflationary model which prevents prices from fluctuating during inflation. When the market is volatile or gripped by inflation, the QUBE token is made scarce through a burn mechanism. The move keeps its value stable and demand high.

Whether it’s inflation or market volatility, you don’t have to worry about what cryptos to buy now with InQubeta.

Arbitrum’s gaming network ‘Xai’ announces token airdrop

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 protocol for designing powerful dApps and other kinds of decentralized solutions. The platform draws its strength from its Aribitrum Nitro tech stack that is hailed by developers as it boosts throughput, lowers costs, and offers Ethereum compatibility.

The primary technology comprises Arbitrum AnyTrust, Rollup, and Orbit solutions. While Rollup is a cost-effective scaling solution for dApps, Orbit is used for deploying customizable blockchains. AnyTrust is a blockchain designed for GameFi and social dApps with low transaction costs.

Arbitrum’s gaming network ‘Xai’ recently announced that its first token airdrop is scheduled for December 27. Xai is a Layer 3 gaming network that was rolled out in 2023.

For the airdrop, Arbitrum will be collaborating with Offchan Labs. The Xai ecosystem will consist of a blockchain, the native token, and the Xai Foundation. The token will be used for paying fees and buying in-game items and NFTs.

NEAR Protocol announces collaboration with Arbitrum

Known for its varied Web 3.0 solutions for developers, NEAR Protocol has been hailed as one of the altcoins to watch out for in 2024. Its native token is NEAR.

Developers seem to have a liking for NEAR Protocol because of its speed and efficiency. The Layer 1 blockchain enables them to create dApps on any network with its Blockchain Operating System (BOS). It ensures that developers can host the dApp on a blockchain, eliminating the need for a web hosting service.

Its versatility has enabled NEAR Protocol to launch new endeavors. In a recent development, the platform announced a collaboration to integrate NEAR Data Availability with the Arbitrum ecosystem.

As part of the project, Arbitrum Orbit would be incorporating NEAR DA. The move would enable developers using Ethereum Rollups to create solutions with new capabilities.


Throughout 2023, the crypto market overcame various hurdles and steadily moved toward mainstream adoption. Amid the optimism in the market, InQubeta, NEAR Protocol, and Arbitrum have become reliable names for earning passive income and creating a diversified portfolio.

These coins regularly feature among the best cryptocurrencies to buy and have evoked a good market response over the past few months. For those who like looking at the big picture, these three tokens can potentially help you to retire early.

Cryptocurrency buyers must carry out successful research and find out the utilities of the project before making an investment.

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