Expert Predicts Date For Next Bitcoin Cycle High Of $130,000

CryptoCon, a figure in the crypto analysis community, has presented a detailed chart that anticipates the next Bitcoin cycle peak to be in the vicinity of $130,000. According to the analyst, the date for the next cycle high will be November 28, 2025, with a possible deviation of 21 days. This projection is based on the Halving Cycles Theory, which aligns the Bitcoin price movement with the dates of its halving events.

Bitcoin Halving Cycle Theory

The chart delineates Bitcoin’s historical and projected price trajectory across four color-coded cycles, each representing a different market phase postulated by CryptoCon. The “Green Year” indicates periods of accumulation, with the best cycle buying prices and a return to the median, which is half of the previous all-time high (ATH).

The “Blue Year” is identified as a preparatory phase where the price gravitates around the median before climbing towards new ATHs at the end of the year. The “Red Year” heralds new ATHs, while the “Orange Year” suggests a bear market where the price becomes undervalued and bottoms out at the end of the year.

Bitcoin price next halving cycle
Bitcoin price prediction | Source: X @CryptoCon_

CryptoCon’s theory is grounded in the historical patterns observed around Bitcoin’s halving events—the first on November 28, 2012, and the second on July 9, 2016. The analyst asserts, “Every prediction of this model has remained precisely on track since its creation in Jan of this year.”

Despite criticisms regarding the exact timing of past cycle peaks, CryptoCon maintains confidence in the model, stating, “The biggest critique I have seen of this model is that the technical top came in April 2021 and not November. But you can’t argue with the numbers, the price was higher.”

Early Top, Top, And Bottom For The Next BTC Cycle

The analyst’s approach combines various price experiments and a Trend Pattern Price model, leading to a consensus target of $130,000. The shared chart also specifies that Bitcoin is on the cusp of a “Blue Year.” According to CryptoCon, the next early top for Bitcoin is anticipated to occur within a 21-day window around July 9th, 2024, with an expected price range of $42,000 to $48,000.

The chart analysis goes on to forecast the next cycle top, which is expected to fall within a similar 21-day margin around November 28, 2025. The projected price range for this peak is notably bullish, setting the target between $90,000 to $130,000.

CryptoCon’s tweet underscores this prediction, stating: “Nothing has changed about my time frame or expected price for the next Bitcoin cycle top. 90 – 130k +/- 21 days from Nov 28th, 2025.”

Remarkably, Cryptocon is also providing insights into the next cycle bottom. His forecast suggests a price floor of approximately $27,000, again within a 21-day range from November 28th, 2026. This aligns with the model’s ‘Orange Year,’ which is typically characterized as a bear market period where the price is expected to bottom out by the end of the year.

At press time, BTC traded at $35,229.

Bitcoin price
BTC bull pennant in progress, 1-day chart | Source: BTCUSD on

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