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Experts Predict a New Crypto to Outperform ШАЙЛУШАЙ (Real Smurf Cat ETH) by 100x

2023 has been a poor outing for most gaming tokens, but they seem to be making the headlines recently. The ШАЙЛУШАЙ (Real Smurf Cat ETH) price has been on the rise for over a month now, raking an unimaginable 550% increase in just 30 days, and many GameFi tokens are looking to ride on the momentum of the Ethereum-based meme token to rise from their ashes.

For many gaming enthusiasts, this is great news, and reports show that they are looking forward to boosting their assets with more GameFi tokens before the year ends. ШАЙЛУШАЙ (Real Smurf Cat ETH) is trending fast now, but there’s an underdog gaming token beneath the radar. Most experts are predicting a potential 100x ROI for the new token, and it is already gaining ground among crypto gamers.

What is this new token? What do investors stand to gain from it? We have answers for you!

ШАЙЛУШАЙ (SMURF CAT ETH) Price is outstripping the rest of the crypto market!

ШАЙЛУШАЙ (SMURF CAT ETH) launched on the Ethereum blockchain in September 2023, announcing a commitment to the meme-creating legacy, using creative memes to promote the Shailushai legacy. Over time, the token has gained prominence among crypto users with its modern, trendy features, including zero transaction fees and deflationary policy.

After its launch,  ШАЙЛУШАЙ (Real Smurf Cat ETH) burned all its liquidity pool funds and sent the rest of its token supply to Uniswap. This strategy eliminates any possibilities of a rug pull in the future, and increases trust in the ШАЙЛУШАЙ (Real Smurf Cat ETH) camp. The increased trust has reflected in the number of new users in the ШАЙЛУШАЙ (Real Smurf Cat ETH) army, as the token has only been on the rise since its launch in September.

CoinmarketCap reports that the ШАЙЛУШАЙ (Real Smurf Cat ETH) price is set at $0.000216, an astonishing 86.25% over its trading level in the past 24 hours. What’s even more surprising is that the token is on a 519% spike in the past 30 days, and all indicators point to a bullish end to the year for ШАЙЛУШАЙ (Real Smurf Cat ETH).

Pikamoon (PIKA) could be riding along the ШАЙЛУШАЙ (Real Smurf Cat ETH) wave, as it is also looking to launch soon. It will be using the Ethereum space for its activities, and crypto users will be welcome to a gaming Metaverse like they have never seen.

How so? Watch out for the Pikaverse!


Pikamoon (PIKA): The Ultimate Metaverse

You must be familiar with the growing Metaverse concept and the benefits that it offers most crypto users. From NFTs to real-time gaming and amazing graphics, most GameFi platforms are a real treat for crypto gamers, and Pikamoon (PIKA) is looking to top them all.

The new Pikaverse is like a revised edition of the existing Metaverses, as the developers have researched the top GameFi tokens, taking note of their errors and improving their features to create the masterpiece we know as Pikamoon. On Pikamoon (PIKA), you get an efficient NFT marketplace and cutting-edge digital gaming that is very unlike other crypto gaming platforms.

The entire gaming landscape was created using top-notch graphics that compete with contemporary digital gaming systems. The Unreal Engine studios were used to optimize Pikamoon’s graphics, increasing the realism of the Pikamoon (PIKA) gaming experience. Apart from superior gameplay, you get a tricky gaming interface laced with all the adventure from regular gaming, along with an opportunity to convert your gaming assets into NFTs and trade them with other users in the crypto-verse.

Pikamoon (PIKA) is launching its NFT marketplace soon, and the earliest investors will be getting a freely minted NFT to kickstart their gaming experience. This is your chance to join the fun and start gaming/trading on Pikamoon (PIKA) with total abandon!

Join the party early; get your PIKA tokens today and enjoy the best crypto gaming!

Where to Get PIKA tokens? Pikamoon Presale!

The Pikamoon (PIKA) presale is your fastest ticket to setting your investments up with the next GameFi giant. Hit here to buy your PIKA tokens, and don’t forget to watch out for the NFT marketplace launch!

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