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Looking for Reliable Crypto Passive Income? Chimpzee Now Offers a Compelling 40% Staking APY

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) has taken the market by storm again. After the series of donations to wildlife organizations and token burns, the project has launched a staking system with up to 40% staking APY.

It is an excellent opportunity this year for investors looking for a source of reliable passive income.

Staking Rewards As a Source of Passive Income

Cryptocurrencies are growing more popular than ever. One of the main reasons behind the surge in interest in the sector is passive streams of income.

In the past, cryptocurrencies were seen as a store of value like gold or silver. But of course, they are more than that.

They facilitate use cases powered by advanced blockchain applications. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that they have become a favorite among those looking for passive income beyond the organic value appreciation of the asset.


Although crypto assets have become a favorite avenue for passive income, they are not without shortcomings. For assets that merely depend on speculation for price increases, the staking system is of little use. Staking platforms can present attractive returns only if the asset maintains strong price action over time, driven by market forces.

That is exactly why identifying genuine opportunities for passive income in the crypto space can be daunting. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Chimpzee staking system and why it is a reliable source of passive income.

Chimpzee Has a Vision

Chimpzee is not another meme coin that is designed to become a fleeting sensation. Its aim is not to kindle a pump-and-dump phenomenon and then disappear from the market for months, most likely not to be thought of ever again.

Chimpzee is a solid crypto project built to promote wildlife conservation efforts across eco-sensitive locations in the world. With a strategic integration of cryptocurrencies into an incentivization structure, the project encourages more people to join its mission.

Investors and users who become a part of the project’s mission are not just drawn in by its ecological goals. They have their eyes on financial returns first and foremost. This is made possible by the three-pillar Chimpzee ecosystem and the deflationary tokenomics that supports it.

  • In the Shop-to-Earn merchandise platform, shoppers earn $CHMPZ rewards with each purchase. It offers branded items such as t-shirts and mugs with impactful slogans on wildlife conservation.
  • The Trade-to-Earn NFT marketplace is for active traders, especially those with a passion for environmental missions. It operates on a profit-sharing model.
  • The Play-to-Earn Zero Tolerance Game gives gamers an opportunity to earn rewards through skillful gameplay. Yes, it is a source of crypto side income. But it also promotes a sense of environmental responsibility, subconsciously.

Being accompanied by a token burning system, the staking module is robust and enduring.

Get Started Early For High Returns

To join the staking mechanism, users need to hold $CHMPZ tokens. This is how the staking module rewards you based on the number of $CHMPZ tokens you hold.

$CHMPZ tokens just recently entered the market. They are currently available for purchase at affordable prices on the P2B crypto exchange. If you’re looking for a cost-effective entry point into the project, the current bull market is the best time. Explore the CHMPZ/USDT pair on the P2B exchange for more details.

Once you have acquired Chimpzee tokens, visit the staking portal on the Chimpzee website. It facilitates the staking of both native $CHMPZ tokens and Chimpzee NFT Passports, once they are made available.

  • Staking the native tokens offers an impressive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of up to 40%
  • NFT Passports, on the other hand, can fetch returns of up to 20% APY.

Detailed instructions about the staking process are on the website to guide new participants. Once you have staked your token, you will find user-friendly tools for monitoring and managing your staking activities. It also provides a preview of the staking Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and the returns you can expect on your holdings.

Meme Coin Theme and Crypto Passive Income for Widespread Engagement

Chimpzee combines a meme coin theme and crypto passive income to encourage widespread engagement and participation. The successful presale that was concluded last year raised $2.7 million as a testament to the project’s growth potential.

To provide individuals with the chance to contribute to environmental causes, Chimpzee introduces a three-pillar ecosystem. It allows the community to gain financial returns by engaging with the ecosystem.


The staking system mitigates the risk of early sell-offs that often fall on new cryptocurrencies. The burning mechanism adds an extra layer of safeguards, contributing to the overall stability and resilience of the $CHMPZ ecosystem.

As a wildlife token with a meme coin theme, Chimpzee attracts both speculative investors and utility investors. It has the potential to gain mainstream acceptance for its mission and ingenious reward system.


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