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MetaBlox Launches Exclusive Lunar New Year Airdrop

MetaBlox, a leader in decentralized WiFi technology, is excited to announce its Lunar New Year Airdrop event, taking place from February 5th to February 25th, 2024. This initiative marks a key phase in MetaBlox’s mission to transform digital connectivity globally.

Revolutionizing Connectivity with MetaBlox

MetaBlox is reshaping WiFi experiences through its innovative OpenRoaming network, powered by blockchain technology. This revolutionary system provides seamless, secure, and passwordless WiFi access worldwide. Every connection via the MetaBlox app rewards users, creating a dynamic, engaging digital experience.

The MetaBlox token is integral to this ecosystem, enabling diverse transactions, including network services and advertising activities. Through strategic Web3 partnerships, MetaBlox enhances the utility and scope of its token, facilitating a broad, user-focused experience.

Lunar New Year Airdrop Event

Celebrating the Lunar New Year, the MetaBlox User Airdrop event invites participants to be among the first to receive MetaBlox tokens. Completing simple in-app tasks like adding WiFi nodes, referring friends, and more, members can earn tokens, with allocations reflecting their engagement level during the event.

Airdrop Event Details:

  • Duration: February 5th 21:00 (PST) to February 25th, 21:00 (PST), 2024
  • Qualification: Tasks such as spending mPoints, adding WiFi nodes, referrals, and check-ins.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: To increase the share of your Airdrop allocation, it is encouraged to actively participate by adding as many WiFi nodes as possible and inviting numerous referrals and completing more Check-Ins. The more contributions you make, the greater your reward will be.
  • Token Distribution: Occurs one week post-TGE, based on participant activity.

Claiming MetaBlox Tokens:

Participants can claim their tokens via the MetaBlox app one week after the TGE. It’s important to claim within six months to avoid forfeiture.

A User-Centric Approach

The Lunar New Year Airdrop represents MetaBlox’s appreciation of its users, signifying not just celebration but a commitment to advancing connectivity and innovation. With the users at its core, MetaBlox is poised for exciting developments ahead.

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About MetaBlox

MetaBlox connects over 628 million global WiFi hotspots with cutting-edge Web3 technology, prioritizing privacy and data security. With solid industry endorsements and successful testing, MetaBlox is at the forefront of significant growth in the Web3 space.


Nigel Nie, PR Manager


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