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NEO ZENTECH Emerges: My NEO Group Announces Major Acquisition of ZENIQ DMCC, Marking a New Chapter in Technological Innovation

DUBAI, December 3, 2023 – In a landmark move for the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors, My NEO Group, a trailblazer in these fields, has successfully acquired a majority stake in ZENIQ DMCC, renowned for its groundbreaking blockchain technology in digital asset management. This pivotal acquisition heralds the inception of NEO ZENTECH, a fusion of My NEO Group’s financial expertise and ZENIQ’s technological innovation, poised to redefine industry standards.

My NEO Group: Redefining Financial Expertise

With a network of over 30 subsidiaries worldwide, My NEO Group exemplifies mastery in asset management, managing several billion dollars through its expansive network. This global presence not only highlights its financial prowess but also cements its reputation for reliability and trust in the market. At the vanguard of fintech and cryptocurrency, My NEO Group skillfully integrates traditional finance with cutting-edge decentralized finance. Boasting a team of +300 experts across 12 countries and a comprehensive array of international certifications, My NEO Group stands as a titan in fintech, offering a spectrum of services including trading, cryptocurrency, blockchain, FinTech, BaaS, SaaS, and holistic fund management. This prowess has attracted a community of over +1,000,000 members.

ZENIQ: Revolutionizing Blockchain Technology

Since 2018, ZENIQ has been at the forefront of blockchain innovation, focusing on tailor-made solutions for the DeFi ecosystem. Its flagship NOMO App, with a user base of over 100,000, delivers secure, user-friendly blockchain access. The app’s capabilities, from real-time crypto transactions to a secure mobile wallet, highlight ZENIQ’s dedication to user-centric technology. ZENIQ’s roadmap underscores its commitment to spearheading digital asset management, from concept to market research and development.

NEO ZENTECH: Bridging Fintech and Blockchain Excellence

NEO ZENTECH emerges as a powerhouse combining My NEO Group’s global financial acumen and ZENIQ’s blockchain infrastructure. This amalgamation aims to elevate compliance and professionalism in blockchain, with significant team expansions and strategic appointments. NEO ZENTECH is set to revolutionize asset tokenization and enhance the NOMO app, capitalizing on the synergy between the two companies. This merger also encompasses the implementation of My NEO Group’s technological advancements, leading to a comprehensive transformation, including a rebranding to NEO ZENTECH. This collaboration reassures ZENIQ’s user base of continued focus on their needs and trust.

Revolutionizing Technology and Finance: The Dawn of NEO ZENTECH

In an impressive leap forward, NEO ZENTECH proudly unveils the NEO ZT1 smartphone, a groundbreaking device intricately tailored for the ZENIQ blockchain, promising unmatched integration and efficiency. This development is part of the transformative effects following NEO ZENTECH’s formation. Adding to this, the My NEO Group’s utility token, NRT, is transitioning from the Binance blockchain to the ZENIQ blockchain. This strategic move amplifies the token’s utility and harmonizes its functionality within the expansive NEO ZENTECH ecosystem. Additionally, My NEO Group is excited to roll out comprehensive on-ramp and off-ramp services, catering to an extensive global audience in over 170 countries, supporting a plethora of 400+ cryptocurrencies, 40+ fiat currencies, and incorporating all major payment methods.

Pioneering Asset Tokenization with ZENIQ Blockchain

At the heart of this acquisition lies a focused drive towards asset tokenization, leveraging the potential of the ZENIQ blockchain. NEO ZENTECH is set to apply this technology in various industries, including real estate, aviation, entertainment, sports, and cuttingedge drone technologies. These ventures underline the transformative power of the ZENIQ blockchain in asset management, aligning with NEO ZENTECH’s vision to foster innovation within the blockchain arena.

Redefining the Future with Decentralized Financial Systems

NEO ZENTECH’s initiative integrates My NEO Group’s advanced cryptocurrency payment solutions with ZENIQ’s robust blockchain technology, setting a new standard for interactions in fintech and crypto spaces among consumers, merchants, developers, and institutional players.

A New Era of Digital Asset Management

The merger of My NEO Group with ZENIQ, culminating in NEO ZENTECH, marks a significant milestone towards a future shaped by decentralized and inclusive financial systems. Positioned as a catalyst in the realm of digital asset management, NEO ZENTECH amalgamates the strengths of both entities, heralding a new epoch of innovation and operational excellence.

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