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November’s Crypto Radar: Spotlight on Tron, Polkadot, and RebelSatoshi


  • New data highlights the notability of Tron in stablecoin trading
  • Polkadot launches upgraded staking dashboard
  • The new RebelSatoshi brings rebellion to meme coins

While November represents the second-to-last month of 2023, Tron (TRX) and Polkadot (DOT) seek to close the year on a bang. Tron has emerged as one of the leading networks for stablecoin transfers. Meanwhile, Polkadot users are delighted at the blockchain’s latest new staking dashboard.

Another project on the same trajectory of finishing 2023 strong is the new memecoin, RebelSatoshi ($RBLZ). Let’s look at the latest developments for each, starting with Tron.

Tron Emerges As Go-To Blockchain For Stablecoin Transfers

Various data have highlighted the prominence of Tron in stablecoins. A paper by Brevan Howard, a Jersey-based hedge fund, showed that the blockchain accounted for 35% of volume, 37% of transactions, and 49% of active addresses between January 2023 and August 2023.

Google Trends also shows growing search interest for Tron in the past 12 months, particularly from emerging markets like Iran, Ukraine, and Russia. Finally, a 24-hour report from Artemis on November 03, 2023, revealed that Tron boasted the most network activity.

These are the contributing factors to Tron’s bullish rally, recently reaching a yearly high of $0.10. Currently worth $0.098, TRX may close the year at a minimum of $0.12 should things continue going in its favor.

Polkadot is another name in the high-performing top altcoins. Let’s discover why.

Polkadot Experiences Staking Dashboard Upgrade

Polkadot reported impressive quarter-on-quarter growth for its staking last month. Now, the network has introduced a v1.1 Staking Dashboard with several useful features. The first is that Polkadot users can view the 14-day activity of validators, along with their performance and nominations. Furthermore, the dashboard will show the best-performing Polkadot validator at any given time.

The staking improvements in Polkadot have certainly contributed to the project’s price jump from mid-October 2023, increasing 34% from $3.56 to $4.78. It is feasible for DOT to reach a minimum of $6 by the start of 2024.

Finally, we have RebelSatoshi, one of the most interesting altcoins to buy this month. This unassuming token is expected to see astonishing growth in the coming months.

A Rebellious Meme Coin In RebelSatoshi

RebelSatoshi is a new meme coin modeling the spirits of Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto in challenging the status quo. It will have a vibrant community participating in quests, claiming rewards, staking, and other enticing benefits to reach an incredible $100 million market cap valuation.

The main enabler here will be the $RBLZ token, which offers holders many distinctive features. The first is exclusive access to community-based events like interactive games and virtual gatherings. Secondly, holders can receive extra tokens by staking $RBLZ, bolstering RebelSatoshi‘s ecosystem.

Finally, users can access Rebel NFT Vault, boasting a collection of nearly 10,000 unique characters. This treasure trove will be available in a marketplace where holders can trade these soon-to-be trending NFTs.

Fortunately, the project is still in a presale (Early Bird Round), with $RBLZ selling for a low $0.010. Current buyers can expect a 150% ROI as the token will be worth $0.025 when RebelSatoshi officially launches at the end of the presale.

This would represent the accomplishment of one of many milestones for RebelSatoshi in its quest to become the next hot meme coin!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via telegram (

Please note that the Discord and Telegram communities are for Recusants and $RBLZ holders only.


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