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Platform X To Implement Full Financial Service By 2024 – Will Dogecoin & BorroeFinance Rise?

X (formerly Twitter) is arguably the biggest social media platform right now. Its Billionaire owner, Elon Musk, recently revealed plans to turn X into a full-scale financial services app. While Dogecoin ($DOGE) investors hope the token is included as a means of payment, analysts are already looking at the impact of the decision on the crypto market.

Here’s how platform X might affect Dogecoin ($DOGE) and BorroeFinance ($ROE) in the next few months.


Elon Musk Says “You Won’t Need a Bank Account”

X owner Elon Musk recently revealed his plan to add full-stack financial services to the social media platform. The popular tech founder revealed this while speaking to his employees in an online meeting.

Elon Musk also added that X is in the process of obtaining the remaining licenses required to operate as a full financial body in the next few months.

During the meeting, Elon expressly said, “If it involves money, it will be on our platform. Money or securities or whatever. So, it’s not just like sending $20 to my friend. I’m talking about you won’t need a bank account.

This isn’t Elon’s first rodeo in the finance sector. The eccentric Musk built and sold PayPal in the early 2000s, and investors are waiting to see what he’ll achieve with X.

$DOGE Investors Optimistic About New X Revelation

Shortly after the X news broke, Dogecoin investors renewed hope that Dogecoin ($DOGE) will become a means of payment on X. If X decided to incorporate crypto payments, Dogecoin ($DOGE) will likely be included due to the founder’s love for the meme coin. This move can potentially make Dogecoin ($DOGE) the best crypto investment in 2024.

While Dogecoin investors are waiting on Elon Musk, founders are staying frugal. Billy Markus, Dogecoin’s co-founder, recently decided not to buy a $2 million house in California, stating that the housing market may crash soon.

Meanwhile, $DOGE gained 13.97% in the crypto market in late October. $DOGE traded for $0.06108 on October 22. A week later, $DOGE surged and sold for $0.06959. If Elon Musk eventually decides to incorporate $DOGE into X, analysts say the token may surpass its all-time high and trade for $1 in 2024.

Investors Anticipate Massive $ROE Surge in Early 2024

New DeFi projects and web3 businesses often have difficulty meeting their short-term liquidity obligations, and BorroeFinance aims to solve this problem. BorroeFinance ($ROE) is an AI-powered fundraising platform that allows web3 participants to raise instant cash by selling future digital earnings.


On BorroeFinance ($ROE), web3 participants can mint their future subscriptions, invoices, royalties, and other verifiable digital income into trending NFTs and sell them to supportive communities at discounted prices.

BorroeFinance ($ROE) is now selling for $0.015, and that price will surge to $0.040 after all presale stages conclude. According to analysts, this price movement will deliver a 167% ROI to early BorroeFinance ($ROE) investors. In addition, experts say $ROE may trade for $0.100 by June 2024 if the token sees speedy market adoption.

Learn more about BorroeFinance ($ROE) here:

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