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Sandbox (SAND) Price Prediction for November. Time to Buy Sandbox or This Rival GameFi Token?

It’s going to be a battle for the top GameFi in a few weeks. True, the sector has been lacklustre all through the year, but the past few weeks have been signalling a bounce back from the shadows, as many GameFi tokens have been seeing some of their old glory come back.

The Sandbox (SAND) has been raking some momentum since the first week in October, rising along with the Bitcoin wave. The spike has injected some life into the Sandbox (SAND) project, and it’s now a question of whether the platform can sustain its modest spike or not.

If it doesn’t, there’s ready competition to take over the top spot in the GameFi sector. Let’s see what the market’s saying.

The Sandbox (SAND) Price Prediction November: Buy, Hold, or Sell?

Like many of the top-ranking GameFi tokens, the Sandbox (SAND) is based on the Ethereum network. The software development company created a version of the game to run on blockchains, giving crypto gaming enthusiasts a shot at premium gaming on the crypto-verse.

The Sandbox (SAND) had a good start, pushing itself to be the very face of crypto gaming. But with time and as other projects got more creative with their interfaces, the Sandbox (SAND) struggled to keep up with the trend. By 2022, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and even Gala had taken the top spots in the Metaverse, while the Sandbox (SAND) had bragging rights only in terms of market cap.

By 2023, most users were bored with the monotonous games and the user activity on the gaming platforms dropped steeply. However, the GameFi tokens seem to be making their way back to former glory with Bitcoin’s recent spike. The spike has influenced most coins to record 100-day highs, and we are seeing some life return to the Sandbox (SAND) network.

In the past month, the Sandbox (SAND) price has accumulated a 5% spike, indicating hopes of a comeback if the bull run sets in now. But it’s not enough to decide whether the Sandbox (SAND) is back and the token might still relapse if it doesn’t get its user activity up. The FallO’ween event hosted by the Sandbox (SAND) will run through the month of November, according to CryptoNewsZ, and it’s an attempt to increase gaming activity on the Sandbox’s platform.

Whether or not the Sandbox (SAND) re-enters the GameFi battle, the battle for the top spot is on, and there’s ample competition for the gaming giant. The GameFi sector is about to get more intense, and a new fast-growing token, Pikamoon (PIKA), is the flame. Let’s see what it’s about.


Pikamoon (PIKA): Metaverse Graphics to Blow Your Mind!

Mainstream gaming is still some way ahead of crypto gaming platforms, but that gap is fast disappearing by the year. Every year, we get that innovative project that breaks new barriers in crypto gaming, bringing the immersion and realism from mainstream gaming software, and this time, it’s Pikamoon (PIKA).

Pikamoon (PIKA) is revolutionising the graphics and resolution in the crypto-verse, as its developers have employed the newest software technology to improve the Pikaverse’s immersive experience and create an air of realism. The Unreal Engine studios is behind the 3D graphic magic on Pikamoon (PIKA). Users are going to battle some obsession on this one.

The advanced software technology also extends to the Pikamoon (PIKA) gameplay. Once you are in, the game presents tricky challenges and adventurous landscapes that keep your gaming mind curious and entertained. Pikamoon (PIKA) is also a typical play-to-earn platform where you get rewards for your gaming time.

The Pikaverse is a space of worlds, each with its own villains and rewards, depending on whether you want to drift through the landscape or you have a risk appetite for challenges. There are PIKA coins to be earned, as well as NFTs you can trade or exchange in the marketplace for rare game assets.

It takes one trial on Pikamoon (PIKA) to get you hooked. Your trial starts with some PIKA tokens. Here’s how to get them.

Pikamoon Presale: The Only Way To Start Your PIKA Experience

Apart from its gaming superiority, Pikamoon (PIKA) has been tipped to return a potential 100x of user deposits after the token launches. The easiest 100x ROI maybe.

Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity!

Find out more about Pikamoon (PIKA):

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