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Solana registers huge 30-day gains, InQubeta set to follow and outshine SOL?

Over the past few weeks, Solana (SOL) has featured among the most-demanded tokens globally. Its popularity surged after it clocked huge 30-day gains.

Solana’s rallying prices have not only made its patrons richer but have also uplifted the overall market sentiment.

However, there’s a lot of interest in another cryptocurrency that market experts feel can possibly outperform Solana. Known as InQubeta (QUBE), the cryptocurrency was launched this year and assists startups in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector in finding reliable investors.

It is also being called one of the best new ICOs of 2023, as its presale funding has already crossed $4.9 million and is expected to rise further in the coming presale stages.

InQubeta: A holistic ecosystem for AI startups

InQubeta’s entry into the crypto market has been like a wave of change where startups working on innovative solutions can raise funds with just a few clicks.

As the platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it can offer its users next-generation features and a quality user experience. It has developed a native cryptocurrency called the QUBE token, which is used for payments.

The top altcoin combines DeFi technology with unique utilities to create a novel experience for its holders. QUBE is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency with a token cap of 1.5 billion units. These tokens are utilized for different purposes to support the expenses of running the platform.

Out of the total supply, 65% of tokens are allocated for sale to crypto users, the remaining tokens will be used for promotional purposes, to pay legal advisors, and to reward token holders for staking.

InQubeta is run by its community of crypto users, with different stakeholders getting varying responsibilities. If a community member comes up with a plan or idea that could refine InQubeta’s potential, they can propose it to other members. The community will then evaluate the proposed suggestion to find out if they can really do what they claim.

In the final stage of deliberations, the changes are put to a vote where QUBE token holders use their voting rights. Depending on what token holders feel about the proposal, the proposed suggestions can then be implemented.

What has drawn a lot of people to the QUBE token is its deflationary model, which serves as a shield against volatile market conditions and inflationary tendencies. A deflationary cryptocurrency’s supply is always administered in a way that it stays scarce.

The scarcity helps in taming internal inflation and keeps the price at a stable level. This means that when inflation is high, the market price of the QUBE token won’t be impacted much. The features make the QUBE token an ideal addition to any crypto portfolio.

However, there can be instances when the supply does increase. In such cases, the team destroys the excess QUBE tokens by burning them.

The platform has a separate token burn wallet for this purpose. This usually happens when tokens are sold or bought, and the tax proceeds are paid in terms of the QUBE token.

To manage the internal inflation, a minimal share of these tax proceeds are also burned. The rest are used to ensure that there is enough liquidity and the rewards pool is well stocked.

It is also a top crypto to invest in because one can take advantage of InQubeta’s incredible staking feature that allows users to earn a passive income over the long term.

For ARK Invest’s Wood, Solana is faster and more cost-effective than Ether

Solana is a leading blockchain network that offers high-performance Web 3.0 infrastructure for the creation of dApps and smart contracts. Its native token is SOL. Solana combines the proof-of-history (PoH) and proof-of-history algorithms. This customization enables Solana to offer a higher degree of scalability and decentralization.

Solana’s prospects got an unexpected boost after ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood claimed that when compared to Ethereum, Solana was a more cost-effective and faster crypto asset.

The SOL token has witnessed a huge rally and has registered massive gains over the last 30 days, and experts feel that it could potentially rise even higher in the coming months.


If you are unable to decide on the best cryptos for your portfolio, consider the two tokens described above as very few cryptocurrencies can offer you the utilities that InQubeta and Solana have to offer.

The two cryptocurrencies have a stellar record to prove their potential, and their stellar features make them ideal for upgrading a portfolio. They are even preferred by analysts as they can help crypto users earn long-term sources of passive income.

However, buyers should carefully research a cryptocurrency before making a long-term investment.

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