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Stacks Rallies Higher as Investors Keep Stacking $STX; $GFOX Grabs Prime Position in Meme ICO Race

Stacks ($STX) recently reached its highest market price in about a year. While the altcoin couldn’t defend the price, analysts believe it’s a sign of what to expect. The altcoin has been on a good run since mid-December, boasting about 80-100% gain. $STX could be the best cryptocurrency to invest in now, but it will have to rival Galaxy Fox for that title. $GFOX is a buzzing meme coin that has impressed on presale, and experts are optimistic about its retail phase performance.

Galaxy Fox to Turn Strong ICO Performance to Rewarding Retail Phase Run

$GFOX is one of the new tokens that will hit the crypto market soon. It is a meme coin with good prospects, and its ICO performance has increased optimism about it. The Ethereum-based meme coin aims to be a highly functional web3 token. It will serve useful purposes in its ecosystem and across other web3 platforms. Galaxy Fox’s universal utility in the web3 space will increase its prominence and adoption, contributing to its value increase.

In a market dominated by dog-theme tokens, $GFOX would be a fox. Its unique theme helps it stand out and increases investors’ attraction to it. The Galaxy Fox ecosystem is streamlined to provide members with the opportunity to have fun and make money. Hence, it will have fun features like an exciting runner game, a marketplace for exploring, buying, and selling digital items, and unique fox-themed ecosystem characters in the form of NFTs.

Galaxy Fox’s runner game is built on the P2E model. This will be one of the ways to earn from the crypto project, with the others being staking and holding $GFOX token. Developers have designed $GFOX to be deflationary while introducing a token burn feature. This will facilitate $GFOX value increase by reducing its circulating volume, causing it to be rare.

The meme coin demand is expected to increase in the coming months, but with lesser supply to meet these demands, the value of available tokens will increase exponentially. This makes $GFOX a token of interest with excellent prospects. Investors looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in are in luck, as the meme coin is still at its lowest market value. This means a commitment at this point is likely to bring excellent profit yield.

History has shown that ICOs are an excellent entry point into a project. It’s characterized by low-risk and high-profit possibilities, which may be the case when you join $GFOX’s presale. The meme coin is having an impressive ICO performance, which will transform into an excellent retail rally soon upon launching on exchanges. Now is the time to join the presale if you haven’t, as the wonderful investment opportunity is nearing its end.

Stacks ($STX) Targets Setting A New All-Time High

$STX is one of the few altcoins showing high-profit potential at this stage of the year. The native currency for smart contracts’ Bitcoin layer has had an impressive over 14% rally in the last week and about 100% since 30 days ago. Stacks ($STX) rallied from $0.9 mid-December to $2.05 recently, indicating its excellent prospect this year.

However, $STX has failed to build on its recent good run. It is experiencing a downward retracement, changing hands between $1.70 – $2.00. Analysts expect it to make sharp corrections and test $2.00 resistance again. A breakout for $STX would see it surge towards $3.00 as Q1 progresses, bringing it nearer to its $3.61 all-time high.

$STX’s new all-time high may be around $5, with the altcoin preparing to rally. However, it may take a while for $STX to reach this point, and preparing for it in advance is advisable. Patient investors will enjoy a good yield if the altcoin’s predicted rally occurs. This makes it a strong contender for the ‘best cryptocurrency to invest in’ tag too.


Researching, monitoring, and committing to altcoins with excellent prospects and high potential is a sure way to profit in the crypto space. Thus, every potential investor must stay up-to-date and DYOR. $STX and $GFOX are good starting points for your research. $SFX is a  Bitcoin-improving altcoin aiming for new highs, while $GFOX presale provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for investors. Grab this $GFOX Presale Opportunity now! Join here:


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