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Sui Network’s TVL Reaches $593M; Starknet & Celestia New Rival Emerges as Investor Magnet

The Sui Network, a Layer 1 blockchain developed by former Meta engineers, has recently marked a significant milestone, surpassing Cardano with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $593 million. This growth, characterized by a staggering $310 million influx over the past month, highlights a pivotal shift in the DeFi sector. Amidst this backdrop of blockchain evolution, InQubeta emerges as a top ICO, rivaling the likes of Starknet and Celestia with its unique value proposition.

Sui Network’s Meteoric Rise

The Sui Network’s journey from a TVL of $211 million at the year’s beginning to $593 million reflects its rapid adoption and the burgeoning trust in its infrastructure. The network’s native token has mirrored this ascent, witnessing an impressive 131% increase. The factors fueling Sui’s success include its remarkable throughput and efficiency, with capabilities of handling 6,000 transactions per second and producing 13.8 million blocks in a single day. These metrics not only demonstrate Sui’s scalability but also its ability to maintain lower gas prices compared to other Layer 1 solutions, notably Ethereum.

InQubeta (QUBE): A Worthy Rival to Starknet and Celestia?

As crypto innovations unfold, InQubeta emerges, not merely as a participant but as a vanguard in the democratization of investments within the growing AI technology sector. With its ingenious employment of QUBE tokens, InQubeta throws open the doors of the previously inaccessible AI startup arena, extending an invitation to a wider spectrum of investors beyond the hallowed halls of Silicon Valley and the tight-knit circles of venture capitalists.

Central to InQubeta’s magnetic allure is the novel utilization of NFTs, not merely as digital art but as tangible stakes in AI startups. This revolutionary mechanism empowers investors to sift through, assess, and invest in high-potential ventures using QUBE tokens, transforming popular NFTs into conduits of direct support for burgeoning AI enterprises. This investment model cultivates a fertile ground for mutual prosperity, marrying the aspirations of startups with the vision of investors, thereby driving forward the wheels of the AI renaissance through a democratic investment ethos.

The architecture of the QUBE token is a masterclass in economic design, incorporating deflationary principles with a nuanced tax strategy that galvanizes long-term investment while propelling the platform’s and token’s growth trajectory. A rigorous audit by Hacken coupled with the KYC verification by BlockAudit serve as the twin pillars of InQubeta’s unyielding commitment to security and transparency.

The triumph of InQubeta’s presale, a resounding chorus to the tune of over $10 million, is not just a success but a reflection of market confidence. The roadmap, a meticulously woven plan, heralds an era of innovation and ambition. With the imminent launch of an NFT marketplace and the strategic inception of InQubeta DAO, the stage is set not just for growth but for a revolutionary, cross-chain future—a future where the boundaries of investment are redefined, and the horizons of technology and finance converge in a symphony of progress.

Closing Thoughts

The rise of the Sui Network marks a thrilling chapter in the DeFi saga, showcasing the untapped potential of fresh blockchain innovations. Yet, in the same breath, we witness the stirring narrative of InQubeta—a parallel revolution that’s transforming how we invest. InQubeta isn’t merely riding the blockchain wave; it’s at the helm, steering us toward a new horizon in investment, especially within the AI domain.

As we venture deeper into this promising ecosystem, InQubeta sets itself apart not just with its unique model but with its commendable milestones. It’s lighting the way for a future where investing is not a privilege but a right, accessible to all. Here, in this burgeoning epoch, investors and startups walk hand in hand, jointly sculpting a future where success is a shared journey.

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