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Top Forex Prop Firms in Romania: Leading Trading Expert Recommendations

Proprietary trading firms in Romania offer traders a chance to boost their profits and trading capital. However, not all prop firms are created equal, and choosing the right one is crucial. Traders Union (TU) experts have conducted thorough research to identify the top 5 Forex proprietary trading firms in Romania, ensuring traders can partner with firms that protect their interests. This article provides valuable insights into these recommended prop firms for traders in Romania.

Prop trading in Romania

Experienced traders in Romania can benefit from prop firms to access more funds. Prop firms evaluate traders and, upon success, provide access to funded accounts. Profits made are shared based on agreed percentages, but these percentages vary among Forex prop firms in Romania, so it’s important to check.

Brokerage firms offer benefits such as risk-free accounts, low fraud risk, generous leverage, and higher returns. However, there are drawbacks, including complex evaluation processes, potential fraud, traders bearing all the risks, and non-refundable deposits. TU’s analysts highlighted these pros and cons of Forex prop firms in Romania for traders to consider.

Best prop trading accounts

Discover the top Forex prop firms in Romania recommended by analysts at Traders Union:

  1. TopStep – this trusted firm offers a Trading Combine stage where you can showcase your skills to earn access to a funded account. Profits are shared based on an agreed percentage, and traders can qualify in as little as eight days.
  2. FTMO – to qualify for funding, traders complete a three-step process, demonstrating consistent profitability. FTMO focuses on currencies and offers access to 44 currency pairs and 10 cryptocurrencies.
  3. SurgeTrader – this prop firm offers a streamlined evaluation process with packages for traders of all levels. Profit splits go up to 75%, and packages come with various features and funding sizes.
  4. Fidelcrest – with this firm, traders can access million-dollar accounts and receive up to a 90% profit split. The company offers bonuses and a variety of tradable assets.
  5. E8 Funding – known for its distinctive funding options. It offers profit splits of up to 90%. Traders can cash out after eight days and access different account sizes, all without risking their own money.

Each of these firms has its unique advantages, and traders can choose based on their preferences and trading goals.

A way of becoming a prop trader

Becoming a successful prop trader in Romania is achievable if you follow these steps recommended by TU’s experts:

  • Gain expertise: start by building a strong understanding of prop trading and the Forex market. Consider pursuing a degree in economics, finance, or math for a solid foundation.
  • Assess your interest: ensure that prop trading aligns with your interests and hobbies, particularly Forex trading.
  • Choose regulated firms: focus your search on prop firms that are fully registered and operate under regulatory oversight.
  • Skill enhancement: prepare for prop firm evaluations by improving your financial market analysis and trading strategies.
  • Gain experience: enhance your knowledge and network by completing internships with trading companies in the finance industry.
  • Obtain certification: get ready for certification by studying for and passing the Securities Trader Representative Exam (Series 57) and Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exams, as per FINRA rules.
  • Start trading: once certified and meeting regulatory requirements, begin live trading with real money in the actual market.


Prop trading firms in Romania offer a valuable opportunity for traders to increase their profits and capital. To assist traders in making the right choice, Traders Union identified the top 5 Forex proprietary trading firms in Romania, ensuring traders can partner with firms that prioritize their interests. The recommended firms, such as TopStep, FTMO, SurgeTrader, Fidelcrest, and E8 Funding, offer diverse options for traders to choose from based on their preferences.


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