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Web4, an AI-Powered Bitcoin Layer 2 Network, Launches Token Incentive Activity ‘Share Your Dreams’

The decentralized AI content co-creation platform W3N is set to introduce the next generation of AI creativity through the BTC Layer 2 network Web4, with the launch of the ‘Share Your Dreams’ campaign as an incentive prior to the official start of the Web4 network.

The ‘Share Your Dreams’ activity allows users to participate and build, using the free no-code AI tools developed by W3N. The Web4 network has announced, this campaign will distribute 50% of its tokens, $share, through a free airdrop for the early participants.

Based on its white paper, the core philosophy of Web4 network is to ensure the creators’ proprietary content ownership and returns are protected, offering them a thorough and sustainable revenue mechanism.

The ‘Share Your Dreams’ project is already backed by various industry partners, such as the Web3 SocialFi platform DeBox, Depin platform EMC, GameFi platform COS, AI company Convexlution, leading Smart Ring manufacturers, and many more.

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