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Why Are $BTC and $ETH Whales Buying Up These Two New GameFi Altcoins?

The term “crypto whale” is used to describe the large holders of digital currency. They hold substantial wealth in crypto wallets and may thus have an outsized impact on the market’s direction. Many small-size investors have started to monitor and track crypto whale wallets to determine the market direction. And, according to the recent observation on the $BTC and $ETH whales’ wallets, it seems that they are leaning toward GameFi tokens, particularly Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) and Immutable. Why are these two the best altcoins to invest in?

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Reinventing Play-to-Earn

Galaxy Fox, a new ICO crypto on the Ethereum blockchain, introduces a play-to-earn model in its GameFi setup. It features a web3 runner game where each season’s top 20% of players earn rewards from a prize pool. Half this pool rewards these top players, while the other half supports the project’s treasury.

When it comes to staking, the $GFOX developers are quite generous here too. The platform includes a staking module called Stargate, which plays a significant role in its ecosystem. Stargate collects 2% of all transactions within the Galaxy Fox ecosystem. This collected amount is then distributed among $GFOX token stakers, proportional to the amount and duration of their staked tokens.

In addition to gaming and staking, the platform was designed to offer various earning opportunities, such as minting and selling NFTs, burning tokens, and more.

The platform’s native token, $GFOX, is the governance and utility token powering the project. It offers holders various uses on the platform and numerous chances to gain rewards.

Overall, Galaxy Fox is one of the best altcoins to invest in, and if you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity, you can join the presale and secure your early $GFOX tokens.

The demand for Galaxy Fox tokens is soaring, with sales already exceeding $170,000 in just a few weeks. This is partly due to the project’s innovatively designed presale. At each stage (there will be 10 in total), the price of $GFOX will rise and give early backers a minor return, which, in total, results in a 450% ROI. The first stage is expected to sell out quickly, so investors looking for the best altcoins to buy now should check out the $GFOX presale.

Introducing Immutable ($IMX)

Immutable, with its Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Immutable X, is hitting the headlines in the GameFi sector. The platform recently launched a massive $500 million fund to boost GameFi development. This fund, combining cash and $IMX tokens, is designed to attract Web3 developers and align their interests with the ecosystem.

Immutable X stands out for its technical capabilities. It’s the first Ethereum Layer 2 solution focusing on NFTs, using StarkWare’s zero-knowledge rollup technology. This tech allows batching thousands of transactions, boosting throughput, and slashing costs. With capabilities like 9,000 transactions per second, no gas fees, and quick transaction finality, it’s become a hub for top crypto games and NFT projects.

What Drives Whales’ Interest in GameFi Projects?

GameFi is a recent trend in the financial market, extending its influence beyond crypto to traditional banking and financial institutions. Why? The answer is simple: gamification promotes unmatched user loyalty and engagement. Many people’s favorite hobby—gaming—is becoming even better with the addition of possibilities to earn real money. This combination of entertainment and financial rewards takes gaming to a whole new level.

$BTC and $ETH whales are quickly recognizing this shift. They understand that GameFi represents not just a trend but an evolution in how we interact with financial systems. So, they have started to get ready for the evolution by filling their bags with $GFOX and $IMX.

Bottom Line

Tracking the crypto whales’ wallets is essential for successful trading and portfolio management. It helps you identify the best altcoins to invest in, follow the market trends and receive helpful information. The recent whale wallet analysis shows that these giant holders are expanding their portfolio with emerging GameFi tokens.

Galaxy Fox is a concept unseen in the crypto market before. Several in-built passive income generation opportunities, coupled with its fun and innovative NFT collection, are driving the market’s attention toward it. So, if you want to follow up on the trend and earn big, then don’t miss out on $GFOX. Be part of the $GFOX community, and stay up to date with the market revolution.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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