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Why Shiba Inu Has Been Falling for Two Months; Hedera & Eos Challenger Viewed Favorably by Market Analysts

One of the best meme coins SHIB has been somewhat declining in recent months, much to the dismay of many holders.

We also have the popular Hedera and EOS challenger InQubeta doing very well as they’ve crossed a huge milestone of $9.6 million raised, and have many market analysts saying that it is far from a pump and dump, and is surely here to stay.

SHIB On The Decline

Once thought to be among the best shitcoins on the market, SHIB is wondering where its place is in the market following a two month decline in the charts.

SHIB often depends on the rest of the market before it can make its own move. For example, if we see an altseason emerge following a big Bitcoin move, that’s when we might see SHIB move up as people develop a stronger interest for meme coins.

Plus we have to remember that there are many other meme coins out there, and SHIB has been out for a while now, so people may be interested in other projects. Only time will tell if this project can regain the positive momentum it once had.

InQubeta Doing Very Well For Early Investors

InQubeta is a big project with a strong narrative in the market. It is the leading AI platform out in the market right now. InQubeta is pushing for a fresh angle in the crypto landscape, redefining the concept of AI platforms for the better. In case you weren’t aware, this groundbreaking platform introduces a radical approach to crypto investments by offering the average user fractional ownership opportunities in AI startups, making it a top crypto to buy for people that are interested in projects with strong innovation principles.

The main selling point of InQubeta’s approach is based on the best crypto to buy today for long-term – QUBE. This deflationary ERC20 token embodies a never before seen investment opportunity. In terms of details, a 2% tax on all buy and sell transactions are sent to a burn wallet, enhancing the token’s value over time. There’s also a 5% sell tax that contributes to a dedicated reward pool, enabling investors to reap rewards through token staking. Overall, it’s an ecosystem that was meticulously and carefully designed for growth, providing supporters with a tangible stake in the success of AI technology startups.

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SHIB is on a downtrend, and many investors are worried that it may not reach a new ATH this market cycle. On the other hand, InQubeta has many investors beaming with joy, as it is getting extremely close to a spectacular $10 million dollars raised.

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