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Act Fast or Miss Out: Investing in BorroeFinance, AAVE, and BNB Now

Thanks to multiple ecosystem developments, Aave, Binance Coin (BNB), and BorroeFinance ($ROE) are all top investment choices in Q4 2023. Aave Labs is set to resume operations following an earlier exploit, while Binance coin seems unaffected by its BUSD pair removal. Furthermore, $ROE is the most likely token to give you a massive ROI in Q1 2024. Keep reading to see what experts are saying about these tokens!


$ROE Attracts Investors as Second Presale Stage Closes

Right now, investors are betting on a new web3 project called BorroeFinance ($ROE). BorroeFinance is an AI-powered blockchain platform that aims to allow web3 businesses to get access to instant, short-term funding by selling future digital income.

To ensure the safety of the fundraising process, BorroeFinance incorporates AI risk assessment and efficient payment technology into its protocol. So far, BorroeFinance has raised $1.45 million, and the platform is at the tail end of its second presale stage.

In the next few months, $ROE will move from selling for $0.015 to trading for $0.04 at the end of the presale stages. This price movement will deliver a 167% ROI to $ROE investors in early 2024.

Subsequently, experts predict a speedy market adoption for $ROE, meaning the token may likely trade for $0.15 by July 2024.


Aave Resumes Operations Following Exploit

On November 4, Aave reported a security vulnerability that affected its numerous lending markets across Aave V2 and V3. Shortly after, Aave DAO suspended the stable rate borrowing feature to mitigate further exploits.

Luckily for investors, Aave Labs announced resumption for V3 markets on November 12. Despite this negative ecosystem development, it recorded a 43.35% surge in Q4 2023.

On October 20, AAVE traded at $68.43, and less than a month later, AAVE sold for $88.90. Both savvy and beginner cryptocurrency investors are betting on AAVE’s bullish momentum in Q4 2023, and the token will likely trade for $100 before the end of the year.

Binance Set to Remove Binance Coin/BUSD Pair

Recently, Binance, arguably the best cryptocurrency in the world, announced that it will remove its native token (Binance Coin) and stablecoin (Binance BUSD) pair from its platform. From November 23, the BNB/BUSD pair will be unavailable on Binance.

Binance plans to phase out BUSD completely following Paxos’s decision to stop minting new tokens. Binance Coin investors are now limited to BTC and USDT pairs as their major trading options on the exchange.

Regardless, BNB gained 16.15% in Q4 2023. BNB traded for $215 in October and later surged to $245 on November 19. According to experts, Binance Coin is still one of the best altcoins for investment, and BNB can trade for $260 in 2023 due to the positive mood in the crypto market.

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