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Web3 Online Gambling is Rapidly Growing – Strategic Investors Are Buying $SCORP Before it’s Too Late

Scorpion Casino is a new cryptocurrency that has been garnering considerable attention from investors over the last few days.

The project is still in the presale phase and has raised 88.60% of its goal at the time of writing. The key reason behind the rising interest in Scorpion Casino lies in its positioning in the online gambling sector.


Web3 Online Gambling is Growing

According to projections, the online gambling sector is predicted to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

Web3 online gambling sites, in particular, are trending due to their heightened focus on user experience, convenience, efficiency, and transparency. Scorpion Casino is well-designed to capitalize on this expanding market.

Investors are buying $SCORP tokens at heavily discounted rates in the presale phase, recognizing the potential of the project. An investment in this new casino project presents a strategic and prudent move before the 2024 bull wave.

For context, Rollbit Coin has recorded a remarkable 9000% surge in the yearly chart. The project falls short when compared to the array of casino, sports betting, gambling, and crash games listed on Scorpion Casino.

Rightly so, forecasts suggest that Scorpion Casino is poised to surpass Rollbit Coin by 2024. The cutting-edge gambling dashboard of Scorpion Casino offers 30,000+ betting opportunities every month. It also allows passive participants to earn up to 10,000 USDT from the platform daily.


A Diverse Array of Offerings

Scorpion Casino is the ultimate destination for online gambling.

The Web3 platform has a wide range of gaming offerings for gamblers belonging to different categories. Unique preferences are addressed on the platform to ensure that it has a growing user base from around the world.

For example, Scorpion Casino’s online dashboard boasts 200+ games like slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and live casino experiences curated from major providers.

There are also 160 live games provided on this licensed, transparent, and provably fair platform.

When it comes to sports betting, Scorpion Casino provides sports betting opportunities in various events across 30+ sports items like football, tennis, American football, horse racing, basketball, golf, boxing, and MMA.

Strategic Buyback, Staking, and Burning

Scorpion Casino has implemented an extensive system to support its price action once the token goes live on major exchanges.

The first element of the system is the staking pool, which allows users to earn passive daily income through staking. The intention behind the system from the point of view of the project is to reduce the circulating supply and bring more engagement to the community.

The staking system enables $SCORP token holders to earn annual yields as the project’s user base grows. This is because 20% of the SCORPION sportsbook and casino operating profit will be used to buy back $SCORP tokens.

50% of the tokens bought back will be burned. The tokens will be permanently removed from circulation, reducing the circulating supply. The next 50% goes to the staking rewards pool.

How High Can $SCORP Go?

The new look of Scorpion Casino was unveiled earlier this month. The new features and functionalities are slated for release in the upcoming weeks, stirring anticipation.

Estimates suggest that the project is awaiting a potential surge of 1500% to 5000% if the full-fledged dashboard lives up to expectations.

It is also worth noting that Scorpion Casino’s credibility is cemented by its regulatory compliance and licensing via the Curacao EGaming Authority, the approval from Assure DeFi meeting the KYC Gold Standard, and a full audit affirmation from Solidproof.

One of the key benefits of investing in Scorpion Casino early is to get the most favorable entry point to the project. Since the token is positioned to go for a substantial surge on its initial listings, the investment will prove to be costly once the presale is over.

But there are more reasons that make the presale opportunity too compelling:

  • Up to 40% free credits to play on Scorpion.Casino – no conditions or obligations attached.
  • Access to a 250k Giveaway where you can go all out to win big. This event is exclusively available for presale $SCORP buyers.
  • Daily passive staking income automatically added to your wallet – even during the presale period.

The Scorpion Casino presale supports purchases in ETH, USDT, and BNB.


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