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Binance in Hot Water Yet Again: Scorpion Casino Announces Listing on BitMart Instead

Once upon a time in the land of cryptos, Binance exchange used to be the unrivalled crypto exchange, loved and trusted by the masses. This era predates 2022 because since then, both the exchange and its users seem to be stuck in a limbo dealing with one crackdown after the other.

As a result of this, major cryptos are now choosing other routes since users globally are questioning the security of their digital assets when it comes to Binance. Following suit, Scorpion Casino ($SCORP), one of the most successful presale cryptos in the market, has recently announced its first exchange listing on BitMart – a prime centralised exchange, loved and trusted by millions, globally.

Has The Entire World Joined Forces To Bring Binance Down?

It seems like only a month ago, the Philippines government also decided to join the global crypto crackdown on Binance. The reason? – The regulatory body in the local market of Philippines emphasised that Binance had been actively executing promotional initiatives across diverse social media platforms. It had been urging residents of the Philippines to initiate trading accounts and carry out transactions via the platform, without having the official authorization or a licence granted by the supervisory authority in the Philippines.

To make things worse, India decided to join the crackdown club and Binance ended up losing 70% of its Indian traders to local exchanges.

Scorpion Casino x BitMart – The Perfect Exchange For Your Incredible $SCORP Profits

The distinguished Scorpion Casino has now unveiled its highly anticipated sequel, marking over 1.5 years of unparalleled success. Following the triumphant launch of V2 in November, and a strategic partnership with Tenset from the Metahero incubator, the project has earned notable recognition on CoinMarketCap, solidifying its status as a beacon of excellence and innovation.

Setting a new standard for gaming experiences, the casino boasts diverse NFT memberships starting from 1k, offering exclusive presale perks to discerning enthusiasts. Holders of $SCORP not only enjoy daily passive staking income but also reap the benefits of collaborations with major iGaming developers. The pioneering buy-back, burn, and reward distribution system contribute to a dynamic and rewarding ecosystem, shaping the future of crypto gaming.

The success story extends further as the casino celebrates collaborations with over 30 prominent crypto influencers. The founders’ unwavering dedication, with a six-figure investment before the presale, underscores the vision behind their fully licensed and regulated platform. The recent presale launch of the new casino saw an impressive $3.2 million raised from over 7000 participants. Adding to that, the daily staking rewards in $SCORP and USDT have surpassed $100,000, paving the way for an exhilarating venture. The Scorpion Casino team not only guarantees serious gains for their community via their platform, but also wants to ensure a safe and reliable ecosystem for them. For this very reason, they have announced their first listing on the most capable and reliable exchange – BitMart!

Join in on the Scorpion Casino Presale While You Still Can!





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