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Chimpzee Leaves No Ape Behind with Staking Riches and This Major Exchange Listing

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ)’s newly launched staking module has rapidly become a hot commodity in the crypto world. With up to 40% APY rewards up for grabs, it offers one of the most lucrative passive income opportunities of 2024.

Chimpzee completed its presale in late 2023 after receiving widespread attention from crypto enthusiasts and eco-conscious communities. The project aims to support wildlife conservation efforts while also providing attractive returns through crypto. This unique blend attracted both seasoned crypto investors and newcomers passionate about fighting climate change.

The presale raised an impressive $2.7 million, demonstrating strong demand for early access. Investors jumped at the chance to get in early after learning the ecosystem rewards all $CHMPZ holders with passive income opportunities.

The idea is to showcase how meme coins and Web3 can make a positive global impact by raising funds for reputable charities combating climate change and species extinction.

Chimpzee wants to raise awareness and donate to effective organizations through crypto. It disrupts traditional crypto donation models by allowing donors to earn attractive returns.

Aside from staking, there are three ways to earn: shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn. Holding a Chimpzee NFT Passport increases rewards.

Now, let’s move to the hot topic – Chimpzee’s staking feature.

Breaking Down Chimpzee Staking

After boosting staking rewards from 30% to 40% APY, the staking contract already has ~4 billion $CHMPZ tokens deposited.

The team announced staking during the vesting period, allowing early backers to earn more $CHMPZ by locking up tokens to support the project.

Staking rewards have surpassed 40 million tokens, with ~2 billion still left to distribute. With the 40% APY for large stacks, staking is compelling. Smaller deposits earn as follows:

NFT Passport holders earn up to 20% APY. Detailed staking instructions are on the website to guide users. User-friendly tools allow managing and monitoring stakes.

With the recent decision to award 40% APY to staking stacks above 10 million $CHMPZ, locking up tokens has become a no-brainer way to secure passive income. Smaller stacks can earn between 5-30% APY based on the amount staked

Stake $CHMPZ Today

Why the Bitmart Listing Matters

Bitmart is a top 30 crypto exchange globally with millions of users. Listings on major exchanges like Bitmart allow projects to access more investors, unlocking liquidity and trading volume and this is exactly what Chimpzee’s team has been preparing for. $CHMPZ token is currently listed on the Bitmart exchange.

The increased awareness and credibility from being listed alongside elite projects also helps attract new ecosystem participants. Bitmart conducts stringent due diligence on listing applicants, so being added validates the legitimacy and technical competency of Chimpzee.

The Bitmart listing is only the beginning. Following this milestone, Chimpzee will launch its coveted NFT Passports and target listings on additional leading exchanges.

Then, the heart of the ecosystem – the passive income products – will come online. $CHMPZ holders will be able to start earning rewards through the shop-to-earn platform, trade-to-earn NFT marketplace, and play-to-earn game.

The Vision Behind Chimpzee

Unlike fleeting meme coins, Chimpzee has staying power rooted in its wildlife conservation mission. Crypto participation powers donations to critical environmental initiatives while investors earn attractive yields.

It’s a sustainable triple-win for people, planet, and profit:

  • Shop-to-earn platform with $CHMPZ rewards.
  • Trade-to-earn NFT marketplace with profit-sharing model.
  • Play-to-earn game promoting responsible values.

A core goal for Chimpzee is proving meme coins and Web3 can drive real-world good – not just greed.

True to its word, the project makes verifiable donations to reputable charities fighting animal extinction and deforestation even during its earliest days.

Some major donations so far:

  • $15,000 to WILD Foundation protecting the last desert elephants
  • $20,000 to WILD Foundation saving endangered jaguars
  • 21,000 trees planted via One Tree Planted
  • Funded neutering 480 animals in war-torn Ukraine through Forgotten Animals
  • Protected 1,000 meters of Australian rainforest via Rainforest Rescue
  • Funded planting 5,000 trees in Tanzania through WeForest
  • This track record of generosity continues building trust and momentum. And it’s only the beginning, with the full passive income ecosystem yet to launch.

Combined with token burning, the robust staking offering can deliver enduring value.


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