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Crypto Experts Are Optimistic About DORK ($DORK) Potential. Pikamoon ($PIKA) Also Set for 20x Gains

The crypto market has seen tremendous growth thanks to exciting projects. Now, experts are focusing on two hot projects: DORK and Pikamoon. These up-and-comers are gaining lots of attention from analysts, investors, and big players. Let’s explore what makes these projects exciting and full of potential.

DORK Enjoys High Appeal Following Recent Price Surge

DORK is a new high-flying crypto project and has soon enjoyed massive support from crypto experts. This support comes in addition to the growing community behind the project as the bullish sentiment and high anticipation around the new crypto continues.

This feeling across the DORK ecosystem and the entire crypto market is thanks to the recent growth around the project. A close look at DORK’s price performance values the crypto at $0.00008676 and boasts a 24-hour trading volume of $3,442,823.57. This figure becomes impressive when you consider how the altcoin has grown by 406.16% in less than 24 hours and a further huge increase in less than a week.

DORK’s trading volume of $3,416,003 is another encouraging sign, given it follows a massive 352.50% rise, also under 24 hours.

The growth in different areas are key indicators of a growing backing from an evolving community and crypto experts. These moves motivate more investors to hop on this fast-rising coin while 83% of current DORK holders have high hopes for an explosive future.


Pikamoon (PIKA) is Another Promising Crypto Set for 20x Gains

As high as hopes are around DORK, here is another new crypto experts believe holds an explosive potential. Pikamoon is another thriving crypto set to deliver as high as 20x gains to investors this year.

Pikamoon offers the best of GameFi to support a fast-growing hybrid PIKA meme coin. This project is powered by a play-to-earn adventure game, Pikamoon Adventure, that rewards gamers with crypto as they build their empires from successful adventures, and discover hidden treasures.

Aside from these, here are some more stand-out perks fuelling Pikamoon’s rocketing run:

●     PIKA is Deflationary and High in Demand

PIKA, the native token of this project is a deflationary play-to-earn and meme coin which means its supply reduces over time. Hence, PIKA keeps growing and keeps investors in profits. Also, the project’s design keeps the demand coming for PIKA with the token’s several use cases. These two sides to PIKA promise investors a run of explosive profits this year.

●     Offline Gaming Mode Addition

The offline gaming mode Pikamoon adds brings that revolutionary effect to what the project offers. Pikamoon Adventure is playable offline. Still, it offers the same top-quality immersive experience. With this innovative perk, Pikamoon’s appeal increases and that means more adoption, token usage, and profits.

●     Massive Support and Credibility

The kind of support Pikamoon enjoys from various respected crypto figures and a large community is a shared similarity with DORK. This community also sees the potential Pikamoon has to experience rapid price growth and disrupt the crypto market. These experts have also predicted PIKA will deliver more than 20x profits before 2023 ends.

The Growth Doesn’t Stop with the Pikamoon (PIKA) Presale

The success of the Pikamoon presale has taken over the presale world. With multiple sales records broken and impressive ROI deliveries to early investors, experts see more potential in this project. They predict a possible 20x ROI for PIKA investors before the end of 2023.

Now is a perfect opportunity to join other smart investors in securing high stakes and massive profits when you buy $PIKA today.

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