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Gala Price Prediction Reveals What’s Next for GALA as Rocketing GameFi Rival Gets Set for 1000% Rally

As the crypto market continues to grow with bulls and bears fighting for dominance, profitable investments require critical review and research more than ever. For example, the recent surge across the GameFi sector will only benefit investors who do their proper research before choosing which project holds higher ROI potential. Researching through the latest Gala price prediction and expert analysis on rival projects, Pikamoon, will reveal needed details on what will be the next big thing in the GameFi space.

That is the focus of this article. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and keep reading.

Gala Price Prediction: What’s Next for Gala Investors?

Analysts reveal how GALA price action has failed to hold a firm pose as it continues its recovery run. At press time, GALA is trading at a market price of $0.02034, on the back of a recent 5% increase.

Yet, GALA is battling with the resistance level around the $0.020 level. According to its price history, this is a notable level that gave support to the crypto back in June and triggered rejection at the end of August.

The good news here is in the MACD, which maintains bullish tendencies at 0.00075, creating sufficient upside pressure against the resistance struggles. Generally, GALA displays vulnerability, with lower highs and lower lows hinting at the possibility of failing resistance testing and possible retracement. Still, there’s a solid chance for a bullish breakthrough soon.

But, as investors are looking to evade the possibility of a major retracement, investing in this alternative GameFi rival that promises a 1000% ROI might be a no-brainer.


Introducing Pikamoon (PIKA): A GameFi Rival Promising 1000% ROI This Year

Pikamoon (PIKA) is a GameFi project with a hybrid token and a play-to-earn game that powers it all. Set in the project’s adventure-filled Pikaverse, Pikamoon presents gamers with an opportunity to earn crypto rewards (either NFTs or PIKA) when they build empires by defeating monsters and discovering hidden gems.

Expert analysts believe Pikamoon and PIKA will be surefire alternatives for investors who need to skyrocket their portfolios with massive returns. This prediction is thanks to the innovative features of the parade. Below are a few perks:

●     Pikamoon Delivers More Than Gaming

Pikamoon Adventure, the project’s P2E game, goes beyond the regular by offering gamers a chance to win real rewards while they enjoy a fun-filled gaming experience. Pikamoon gamers can earn real monetary rewards and convert them easily to fiat or other cryptos on the in-game marketplace.

●     Built with the latest technologies

Pikamoon is known for quality output thanks to the latest technologies the project builds with. First, the Pikaverse is a product of the latest real-time 3D graphics creation tool. This technology gives the game an outstanding display and creates immersive gameplay. Another output is the marketplace featuring Transak technology, which makes it easy to exchange rewards for fiat and purchase in-game items.

●     The Right Choice of Partners

Pikamoon’s continuous and sustainable growth potential in features and profits comes from the project’s partnership with only strategic partners that add value to it. Thanks to this, the GameFi project and its hybrid play-to-earn and meme coin can sustain a positive price performance and deliver more profits to investors while adding more exciting features. These partnerships will also breed constant growth, increased adoption, and more token use.

Savvy Investors Choose Pikamoon After Presale Success

Pikamoon’s presale was a huge success, and it’s set for a strong year. You can still get it for just $0.0006, making it a great investment. Forward-thinking investors see its potential and are buying $PIKA for a profitable year-end. Don’t miss out!

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