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Ethereum Forecasted to Reach $5.8K by 2025; InQubeta’s Bullish Forecast Explained

InQubeta (QUBE) and Ethereum (ETH) are two of the best coins to invest in right now as both projects are projected to enjoy exponential growth in the coming years. Financial firm Finder recently released projections that had ETH prices reaching $5,824 by 2025. The forecast also anticipates prices will reach $14,411 by 2030.

QUBE predictions are even more impressive with some projections expecting prices to grow as much as 100x by 2025 as the new DeFi project opens up access to artificial intelligence (AI) investments with its crowdfunding approach.

Early InQubeta investors have already earned 130% returns on their capital and they will be up a total of 440% by the time tokens launch on exchanges. Newcomers to its presale can still earn 90% returns on their investment before the event ends.

Best coins to invest in: InQubeta (QUBE) poised to lead altcoins in growth

InQubeta’s blockchain is hosted on the Ethereum network and it enjoys its transparency, security, and functionality. This allows AI companies fundraising on the platform to mint investment opportunities into non-fungible tokens that are sold on its NFT marketplace.

InQubeta’s link to AI and its small token supply at 1.5 billion gives it comparable growth potential to where Bitcoin (BTC) was a decade ago as it helps to advance artificial intelligence by directing capital to companies in the space. Investments in AI have risen exponentially in the past several years and more than $1.5 trillion is anticipated to be poured into the technology by 2030.

AI is on course to shake up the world and it will open new opportunities for investors to earn huge returns on their investments. Governments worldwide are already passing regulations to help limit the disruption the technology causes as it becomes apparent it will be the next major revolution.

Many would say the AI revolution is already moving full steam ahead as some of the most complex AI concepts like autonomous cars and humanoid robots are now a reality. Thanks to InQubeta, investors who don’t have access to mainstream investment avenues can now be part of the AI revolution.

Decentralized finance meets artificial intelligence

Smart contracts, ERC20 coins, and fractionalization come together to create an inventive investment process on the InQubeta network. Stocks don’t exist here, but ERC20 coins (non-fungible tokens) perform the same duties.

These tokens are made by startups looking for capital and sold on the NFT marketplace to those looking to invest in AI. Some tokens give other rewards like exclusive access to items developed.

Investment opportunities can be purchased with QUBE on the NFT marketplace and any tokens bought can be resold whenever.

Investing in InQubeta

QUBE is currently priced at $0.0161 but could reach a dollar by 2025 if its market share reaches $1.5 billion. That’s not some unsurmountable milestone in the cryptocurrency space given the fact that meme coins with no real value or purpose like Dogecoin (DOGE) have raised over $9 billion despite the many issues plaguing their networks.

Ethereum (ETH) fails to keep up with Bitcoin

Ethereum price charts have historically mimicked BTC charts, but the second most popular crypto hasn’t been able to keep up with its older sibling during its current bull run. Still, ETH prices have risen 34% in the past 30 days and Finder’s projections have prices reaching $5,800 by 2024.

While its anticipated growth won’t keep up with QUBE, it will allow investors to almost triple their investment in a few years.


InQubeta and Ethereum are two of the best coins to invest in right now thanks to their impressive projections. QUBE is expected to see more growth than ETH, thanks to how undervalued tokens currently are, the project’s creative way of advancing AI, and the $1.5 trillion projected to be guided into the space by 2030.

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