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Pink Moon Studios Announces Strategic Partnership with Baby Doge for World of Kogaea Event

Exclusive Baby Doge NFT Cosmetic Set to Enrich the Gaming Experience

Pink Moon Studios, a pioneer in the Web3 gaming space, is thrilled to announce Kryptomon, the beloved crypto brand known for its community-focused approach and innovative projects. This exclusive partnership marks a significant milestone for both communities, offering a unique and limited-time opportunity for fans of KMON and Baby Doge.

To celebrate this alliance, Pink Moon Studios is introducing an exclusive in-game Baby Doge NFT cosmetic item in its flagship game, World of Kogaea. This unique NFT will be a delightful addition to the game, allowing players to sport the iconic Baby Doge mascot head in a fun and engaging way. The limited-edition NFT cosmetic is poised to bring an extra layer of excitement and exclusivity to the gaming experience.


This exclusive Baby Doge NFT cosmetic will be available for purchase exclusively using KMON and Baby Doge tokens on the Kmarket under KMON’s Trainer Hub. Additionally, in the spirit of community and celebration, 100 lucky holders of KMON and Baby Doge tokens will have the chance to win this unique NFT during the whitelisting stage of the upcoming community event.

Adding to the momentum of the collaboration, Pink Moon Studios has announced a significant enhancement for $BABYDOGE token holders. In a strategic move to further integrate the Baby Doge community into the KMON gaming experience, $BABYDOGE will now be an accepted form of payment on Pink Moon Studios’ KMarket within the Trainer Hub of KMON games. This integration not only facilitates a new level of accessibility for $BABYDOGE holders but also enriches the gaming experience by offering diverse transaction options. This move represents Pink Moon Studios’ ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between gaming and the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

The Baby Doge NFT cosmetic isn’t just about aesthetics; it holds future utility in the KMON games that remain shrouded in mystery. This unrevealed feature is set to enhance the gaming experience, promising a unique and exciting addition to the World of Kogaea. “Partnering with Baby Doge is more than just a collaboration; it’s a fusion of two vibrant communities coming together in the spirit of innovation and fun,” said Umberto Canessa Cerchi, CEO of Pink Moon Studios. “This exclusive Baby Doge NFT cosmetic is not just a unique addition to World of Kogaea but a symbol of our commitment to bringing fresh, community-driven experiences to our players. We’re excited to see how this partnership unfolds and the joy it brings to both KMON and Baby Doge communities.”

As Pink Moon Studios and Baby Doge gear up for this grand celebration, both communities are invited to partake in this exclusive opportunity. Stay tuned for more details on the whitelisting process, and prepare to dive into a world where gaming meets novelty, community, and shared excitement.

For more information, visit KMON and Baby Doge.

About Pink Moon Studios

Founded in 2021, Pink Moon Studios is at the vanguard of Web3 gaming, creating immersive, engaging experiences that push the boundaries of traditional gameplay. With a commitment to innovation and community, Pink Moon Studios continues to shape the future of gaming.

About Baby Doge

Launched in June of 2021, Baby Doge is a cryptocurrency renowned for its charitable contributions to animal welfare organizations and unique approach to engaging its community. Emphasizing fun and positivity, Baby Doge has captured the hearts of crypto enthusiasts, as well as dog lovers, worldwide.


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