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Mercari Introduces Bitcoin, Fuels Crypto Uptake in Japan; Monero and InQubeta Gain Market Attention

Mercari, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Japan, will start accepting Bitcoin (BTC) payments starting in June. Bitcoin transactions on its platform will be facilitated by Melcoin, a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange subsidiary.

Prices on Mercari’s flea market app will continue to be listed in the Japanese Yen, but users will also have the option to pay with BTC.  The SEC’s Decision on Bitcoin ETFs that opened the way for 11 options was a major step toward the mainstream adoption of the most popular cryptocurrency. BTC prices are expected to surge substantially in 2024 now that ETFs have been approved and its halving event is due in April.

InQubeta (QUBE), like many other top crypto coins, should enjoy an influx of investment funds if the Bitcoin boom comes to fruition. Its presale is already off to an awesome start as it raises over $8.3 billion while earning early investors 220% returns.

Monero (XMR) didn’t enjoy substantial gains in 2023 as centralized exchanges made moves to eliminate pure cryptocurrencies from their exchanges, mostly due to regulatory pressure. Prices have grown 5% in the past week and Monero could enjoy significant gains if more investors opt for cryptos that give them true anonymity, unlike older blockchains like the Bitcoin network where transactions can be easily verified.

InQubeta (QUBE) might be the best coin to invest in right now

InQubeta’s growth potential separates it from other popular NFT cryptos. The project plans to offer a decentralized investment space that makes investments in artificial intelligence a lot more accessible. A huge fraction of the population is presently denied access to such investments due to excessive barriers like income requirements. For example, investors must be worth over a million dollars and show proof of earning over $200,000 to earn access to angel investment opportunities.

InQubeta seeks to democratize AI investments by providing access to opportunities to those who can’t use traditional avenues. It focuses exclusively on artificial intelligence and uses the functionality of its Ethereum-hosted blockchain to create its own unique investment ecosystem.

AI will undoubtedly reshape the world in the coming years and InQubeta will play a major role as the technological revolution unfolds. Over $1.5 trillion is expected to flow into AI in the next several years, setting the InQubeta project up for exponential growth.

The supply of QUBE is limited to 1.5 billion, so it only needs to raise its market capitalization to $1.5 billion for tokens to go from their present price of $0.0224 to $1. Even meme coins with limited potential like Shiba Inu (SHIB) have raised significantly more than that.

InQubeta allows AI startups to raise capital by selling ERC20 coins that symbolize investment opportunities. These tokens are fractionalized and sold for QUBE in the NFT marketplace. Investors get to own a piece of these AI startups while they get more capital to accomplish their goals.

Mercari’s move to accept BTC fuels crypto buys in Japan

Mecari’s recent move isn’t a standalone, but, rather, part of Japan’s increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies. The nation was one of the first to regulate cryptocurrencies with its Payment Services Act.

Japan continues to have a progressive approach to cryptocurrencies and aims to foster an environment that is conducive to the mainstream integration of cryptocurrencies.

Monero (XMR) gaining traction with investors

Monero’s recent price surge is being viewed by some as a sign the top pure crypto is getting interest from investors. While exchanges are trying to move away from platforms like Monero, hardcore crypto enthusiasts understand that the anonymity it provides is one of the reasons cryptocurrencies were developed in the first place.


QUBE, XMR, and BTC are good crypto investments to make right now given the positive price projections all three have. QUBE is on course to enjoy the most growth thanks to the solution it provides, the increasing hype around AI, and the influx of capital projected to enter the space.

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